4 Inspiring Financial Ted Talks That’ll Change Your Life

If you feel you need a bit of motivation and inspiration when it comes to your personal finance and business situation, then these financial Ted talks are exactly what you need!

Making money, saving money and budgeting correctly aren’t just about actual Dollars.

Yes they are extremely important, but there’s still another big element which we need to conquer if we plan on being financially successful.

This element being?

Our psychology surrounding money!

Without having the right mindset, we could end up making really bad, emotional decisions that will have a negative impact on our financial situation.

I myself have days where I feel like I’m stuck in the mud, not knowing what to do next!

4 Financial Ted Talks

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Today I have put together 4 of my favorite financial Ted talks that focus on personal finance and the world of money.

These videos will get you inspired, motivated and ready to keep chasing your dreams!

The majority of people never fully realize their business dreams as they give up too early.

Don’t be one of those people.

Keep going no matter what!

When Money Isn’t Real: The $10,000 Experiment

If you are a parent, then this is a really cool video.

Adam Caroll talks about his $10,000 Monopoly game with his kids and how to teach finance management in a cashless society.

It’s a quick and really interesting video. And is a quick reminder that we should be teaching our kids financial literacy the best way possible.

Why the Rich Are Getting Richer

I often speak about Robert Kiyosaki, as I am a huge fan of his and agree fully with his outlook on money.

In this video he goes on to explain why the rich always seem to get richer, and what their mindset is.

We always hear the term “the rich always gets richer, and the poor just gets poorer”.

Well this is pretty true, unfortunately.

The good news is we have a certain amount of control to this. We just need to make sure we are ahead financially, and eventually we too will be the ones getting richer.

How I Learned To Read — And Trade Stocks — In Prison

Financial literacy isn’t a skill, it’s a lifestyle.

This amazingly inspiring story is told by Curtis “Wall Street” Carrol, who educated himself about investing and trading stocks whilst in prison.

In this video he talks about his past, and how he got to where he is now.

His simple message: we all need to be more savvy with our money.

Money Can Buy Happiness

We all know the famous quote “money can’t buy you happiness”, right?

I mean, every single one of us has probably had a parent, a grandparent or a teacher say this quote to us a million times!

In this video, Michael Norton actually says the complete opposite.

He says money can buy you happiness. But the problem is people just don’t spend their money correctly.

My favorite quote from the video: “If you think money can’t buy happiness, you’re not spending it right”

Bonus Video

And one final quick video to get you going!

Whenever you feel a bit down or lack motivation, play this video as loud as possible.

It’s only 3 and a half minutes long, but it’ll get you extremely motivated!



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