200+ Frugal Money Saving Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

200+ Money Saving Tips 3

No matter what financial situation you are in, or how good your frugal money saving ways are, I am sure you could always do with a few added tips!

In this post I have compiled a massive list of simple and easy to follow ways for us all to save more money.

It includes ways to save money on household expenses, transport, food and more. Some ways will require a bit more of a commitment, but you can easily save a few thousand dollars a year by just following this list!

200+ Frugal Money Saving Tips

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Hopefully this money saving list will be of good use to you.

Here is the ULTIMATE 200+ frugal money saving tips you need to use!

Household Bills & Finance Saving Tips

  1. Use a clothing line instead of a dryer.
  2. Cancel your home phone contract.
  3. Use a prepaid cellphone.
  4. Make a habit of turning off lights when leaving a room.
  5. Unplug chargers when you aren’t using them.
  6. Make a budget and try stick to it.
  7. Cancel your cable TV and rather use things such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  8. Go paperless on bills where possible.
  9. Don’t use credit cards.
  10. Check your house’s plumbing for leaks.
  11. Review your insurance policies and shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal.
  12. Sell old clothing.
  13. Use energy efficient light bulbs.
  14. Use the heater less, try stay warm with blankets and clothing.
  15. Use the air conditioner less.
  16. Insulate your hot water heater.
  17. Get your heating system maintained regularly.
  18. Negotiate your internet deals.
  19. Use fans more, and the AC less.
  20. Get your AC maintained regularly.
  21. Use cold water when possible.
  22. Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth.
  23. Check your cell phone package and shop around for a better deal.
  24. Dress warmer during the colder months.
  25. Watch a movie at home instead of going to the cinema.
  26. Keep blinds shut during the day in summer to keep out the heat.
  27. Invest in energy efficient appliances.
  28. Use the microwave instead of the oven where possible.
  29. Plant more trees to provide shade.
  30. Start a savings account.
  31. Make savings fun and include your family.
  32. Cancel unused or unneeded memberships.
  33. Try using alternative energy.
  34. Make sure you are not being overcharged on bills.
  35. Save your change.
  36. Consider renting out a room on AirBnB.
  37. Always monitor your spending.
  38. Spend less than you earn.
  39. Always fill up your washing machine.
  40. Wear clothes more than once before washing them.
  41. Dilute your dishwashing soap with water.
  42. Clean windows with vinegar and paper.
  43. Always measure out the laundry powder and use around half the recommended amount.
  44. Fix things instead of throwing them out.
  45. Take advantage of natural light.
  46. Repurpose old clothes for household purposes.
  47. Use an automatic thermostat system.
  48. Get a water filter for your home.
  49. Run the dishwasher when it is full of dishes.
  50. Fix any air leaks around windows and doors.

Grocery Shopping & Food Saving Tips

  1. Be aware of the price of foods.
  2. Don’t shop when hungry.
  3. Make a list and stick to it.
  4. Meal plan for the week.
  5. Have meatless days.
  6. Have a competition around the house where everyone gets to cook one meal a week for under $10.
  7. Make meals with brown rice, pasta, beans etc to provide more food.
  8. Have a grocery budget.
  9. Go for store brands.
  10. Shop at cheaper shops.
  11. Grocery shop once a week.
  12. Buy in bulk.
  13. Check for discounts before shopping.
  14. Don’t waste food. Eat leftovers for lunch the next day.
  15. Made too much food? Freeze it.
  16. Buy in season foods.
  17. Pack lunch for work or school.
  18. Once a month clean out the pantry and freezer and make a few meals.
  19. Check the clearance aisles in grocery stores.
  20. Sign up for store loyalty programs.
  21. Skip buying treats for your journey home.
  22. Grow your own herbs.
  23. Grow your own spices.
  24. Grate cheese yourself.
  25. Eat eggs more often.
  26. Have breakfast food for dinner.
  27. Drink water.
  28. Stop buying soda.
  29. Buy some frozen veggies.
  30. Grow your own fruits.
  31. Skip a meal every now and then.
  32. Find local farmer’s markets.
  33. Get a credit card that has cash back rewards.
  34. Found a good grocer with a loyalty program? Stick to them and build up points.
  35. Meal plan with cheap recipes.
  36. Make your own compost using food scraps, fruit and vegetable skins and egg shells.
  37. Don’t buy bottled water.
  38. Eat out less if possible.
  39. Do an inventory check every month so you know what you have in your kitchen.
  40. Make sure you are storing foods correctly so that they last longer.
  41. Make your own coffee and tea.
  42. Eat before you go grocery shopping.
  43. Use coupons.
  44. Buy non-perishable groceries in bulk.
  45. If you are unsure, put it back.
  46. Eat breakfast everyday.
  47. Exercise regularly.
  48. Always check expiration dates.
  49. Pick your own fruits from an orchard.
  50. Make your own baby food.
200+ Money Saving Tips

Transport & Travel Saving Tips

  1. Carpool where possible.
  2. Walk to work.
  3. If you take the bus or train, get off a few blocks from your home and walk the rest of the way.
  4. Consider having one household car.
  5. Walk to your friends house.
  6. Cycle to work.
  7. Rotate your tires.
  8. Travel during off season.
  9. Join airline loyalty programs.
  10. Create a travel budget.
  11. Direct flights are usually more expensive.
  12. Look into travel credit cards with great rewards.
  13. Walk more when visiting cities.
  14. Create your own site seeing tour.
  15. Don’t buy food and drink near popular tourist attractions.
  16. Carry your own water and snacks.
  17. Go on free walking tours.
  18. Do as the locals do.
  19. AirBnB and hostels are a cheaper option than hotels.
  20. Pack your own lunches.

Personal Expenses Saving Tips

  1. Go for haircuts less often.
  2. DIY where possible.
  3. Use old toothbrushes to clean small areas in the house.
  4. Buy in bulk if there are discounts.
  5. Dilute shampoo and body wash liquid with water.
  6. Use coupons.
  7. Recycle old clothes.
  8. Turn old shirts in rags to be used at home.
  9. Fix clothes instead of simply throwing out.
  10. Quality over quantity.
  11. Shop out of season.
  12. Be aware of sales.
  13. Check out clearance racks.
  14. Do one in one out method. For every new item of clothing, get rid of an old one.
  15. If you don’t really need it, don’y buy it.
  16. Make your own gifts.
  17. Swap books with friends or second hand book stores.
  18. Take advantage of free samples.
  19. Don’t emotional shop.
  20. Don’t shop just because you are bored.
  21. Don’t shop on credit.
  22. Compare prices at various stores.
  23. Try negotiate.
  24. Seek out freebies.
  25. Check online prices.

Entertainment Saving Tips

  1. Have friends over instead of going out.
  2. Do fun & free outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.
  3. Check out entertainment promos on Groupon.
  4. Take your own wine to restaurants.
  5. Have a BBQ with friends.
  6. Have a dinner party and get each friend to contribute a dish or drink.
  7. Do free activities around your city or town.
  8. Do book swaps.
  9. Have a game night.
  10. Watch films at home versus going to the cinema.
  11. Host a movie night and make your own popcorn.
  12. Volunteer in your town or city.
  13. Check out free festivals in your area.
  14. Clean your own car.
  15. Visit an art gallery.
  16. Play sports with friends.
  17. Have a swim!
  18. Entertain yourself by learning a new skill.
  19. Play free online games.
  20. Go dancing!

Health & Fitness Saving Tips

  1. Cancel your gym membership.
  2. Go for more walks around the neighbourhood.
  3. Try get some direct sunlight every week.
  4. Try making home remedies.
  5. Negotiate medical bills.
  6. Quit smoking.
  7. Check to see if your local eye shop offers free eye tests.
  8. Wash your hands regularly.
  9. Ask your dentist for free samples of toothpastes & toothbrushes.
  10. Start an emergency fund for health-related expenses.
  11. Don’t be scared to get a second opinion.
  12. Research free things like flu shots.
  13. Use coupons at the pharmacy.
  14. Buy general things such as vitamins on discount.
  15. Stay fit by exercising regularly.
  16. Eat as healthy as possible.
  17. Remember to give your body enough rest.
  18. Brush your teeth twice a day.
  19. Floss at least once a day.
  20. Buy generic medications.

General Saving Tips

  1. Tap into free online resources.
  2. Always use discounts to your advantage.
  3. Share your home.
  4. Budget, budget, budget.
  5. Learn to DIY as much as possible.
  6. Treat luxuries like they are scarce.
  7. Partake in stress-reducing activities that cost nothing.
  8. Talk about your savings and budget goals with your family.
  9. Get each member of the family to play their part.
  10. Set up a savings account.
  11. Having daily reminders of your savings goal on the fridge.
  12. Look at your expensive habits and work on them.
  13. Have a reward system for when you reach your savings goal.
  14. Cancel any unneeded subscriptions in your life.
  15. Commit to being frugal.
  16. Treat yourself reasonably once in a while.
200+ Money Saving Tips 2

Do you have any other good tips that could be added to this list?

Let us know!


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