15 Genius Money Saving Products That Actually Solve Problems

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Did you know that you could end u saving yourself quite a lot of money around the house by simple using a few really clever money saving products?

There are so many little things that you could buy that not only will save you money, but they will also solve some of the small problems you might be having!

These products are also eco-friendly, so you are doing the environment a favor by using them.

15 Genius Money Saving Products

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Check out this amazing list of money saving products that are also eco-friendly, save energy and solve problems!

1. Reusable Silicone Straws

Money Saving Products that are Genius
Source: Amazon

Plastic straws are so bad for the environment, and just a waste of money! These straws are flexible and comfortable to use, unlike those sturdy metal straws, making it perfect for any drink.

2. Glass Water Bottles

Money saving products
Source: Amazon

These glass water bottles are perfect for any cold drink.

You could save yourself a lot of money by simply not buying bottled water or heading to a juice bar every other day! Fill up your water before heading out, or make your very own juices!

3. Budgeting Printables


You would be surprised how many households don’t actually operate on a budget.

Budgets become more and more important as your life starts to grow.

You need to be able to always know your financial situation. This helps you plan for the future, make the best decisions and ensure you and your family are secure.

4. DIY Produce Bags

Saving Money with These products

Depending on where you live, you might get charged every time you request a produce bag at the grocery store.

Now many countries still ONLY use plastic bags, which is really sad! You could save money and make the world just a bit of a better place by making your very own produce bags!

5. Reusable Sandwich Bags

Saving money Products
Source: Amazon

Do you find you are always packing your family lunches in storage that mostly gets thrown out after being eaten?

Well, you could save yourself some money buy investing in really cheap reusable sandwich bags!

The great thing about these sandwich bags is that you don’t only have to use them for sandwiches. They are perfect for storing fruit, snacks or anything else!

6. Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

Energy Efficient Bulbs
Source: Amazon

These lightbulbs will lower your overall energy bill, which is always the biggest cost of household bills.

7. Water Filter Pitcher

Water Filter Pitcher
Source: Amazon

Having a water filter pitcher in your kitchen is always a good idea!

These pitchers can hold up to 10 glasses of water. Make sure to replace the filters on time, though!

8. DIY Laundry Soap

DIY Laundry Soap

Another genius product that’s good for the environment and saves you money.

Did you know you can make your very own laundry soap at home?

9. Your Very Own Juicer

Source: Amazon

As I said earlier, you don’t have to go out and spend a few bucks for a juice every time.

Make your very own healthy juices at home every single morning! This will save you money and keep you extremely healthy!

Feel free to pack them in with you on your way to work.

10. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Herb Garden Starter Kit
Source: Amazon

Having your very own herbs to pick and choose from is a must for anyone that loves cooking!

There’s nothing worse than cooking and needing some rosemary or basil, only to find you don’t have any.

This indoor herb garden starter kit will get your herb garden going, and all from right inside of your house!

11. Travel Coffee Mugs

Coffee Travel Mugs
Source: Amazon

Make your very own coffee before leaving home, saving you a daily trip to Starbucks!

Starbucks coffee bills add up very quickly. You could easily save a few bucks a day by making your own coffee and pouring it into these cool travel mugs!

12. A Slow Cooker

Slow COoker to save money
Source: Amazon

Slow cookers are an awesome way to make a meal at home!

They are so easy to use. You simply add the ingredients, and let the slow cooker do all the work for you!

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13. Food Storage Containers with Lids

STorage containers to save money
Source: Amazon

Keep your food fresh with really useful airtight food storage containers!

Perfect for snacks, leftovers, or even for packing a lunch.

14. Car Wash Kit

Car Wash Kit
Source: Amazon

Don’t pay all the money to take your car to a carwash every week.

Rather get your car sparkling clean with this car washing kit!

15. Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh Laundry Bags
Source: Amazon

Mesh laundry bags protect your more delicate clothing items during a wash cycle.

Often clothes get tangled up in the washing machine. So protect them using these mesh bags!


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