How To Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting

If you are wondering how to lose weight with intermittent fasting, then this post is exactly for you!

How to start intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is extremely popular, and for good reason: It actually works!

I have been practicing intermittent fasting for over two years now, and it’s the best thing I could have ever done.

Not only has it helped me stay in shape, but I feel a lot better too.

Being constantly full of food is never a good thing, and we need to give our bodies a break from digesting our foods every now and then.

That’s where intermittent fasting comes in.

By not consuming any foods for a certain period everyday, we allow our body to take a break and focus on other things.

How To Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting

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So whether you are completely new to intermittent fasting or have heard a bit about it but would love to investigate a little further, I am going to give you a simple breakdown of what exactly intermittent fasting is, how to get started, and who actually practices it!

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

In basic terms, intermittent fasting involves alternating cycles of fasting and eating.

You basically set yourself a certain time period everyday where you allow yourself to eat, and then spend the remaining period of the day fasting.

The principal behind intermittent fasting focuses on when you eat, rather than what you eat.

The best and easiest example of intermittent fasting is to begin eating at a later time in the day, as you are technically already fasting whilst sleeping.

I personally skip breakfast every day and will eat my first meal at around noon, with my last meal at around 8pm, giving me a really good 16 hour fasting window!

This is known as the 16/8 fasting method, and is the most popular and easiest method to do!

As you’ll see below, there are various types of intermittent fasting which you can choose from.

Studies have also shown that intermittent fasting can have a positive effect on weight loss and the general health of those who practice it.

If intermittent fasting is something you want to get involve with, then keep reading!

What Are The Types Of Intermittent Fasting?

Ultimately there are 5 basic types of intermittent fasting which most people follow.

Now some may argue that there are more than 5, but this is due to the fact that you can really adjust the 5 types in certain ways to create your very own fasting schedule.

As I said earlier, I love the 16/8 fasting method as it’s the easiest and most convenient way to fast.

By simply skipping breakfast and trying to consume my last bit of food before 8pm, I can get in a good 16 hours of fasting! (This does sometimes vary, though)

Below are 5 of the most popular fasting types:

  • The 16/8 method: Fast for 16 hours a day, and eat for 8 hours. The easiest way is to eat your first meal at noon and your last bit of food at 8pm
  • The 5:2 method: For 2 days a week, consume only 500-600 calories, and eat as normal for the remaining 5 days
  • The 24 hour fast: Do a total 24 hour fast once a week. This can be difficult as one gets really hungry! Water, coffee, teas etc are allowed
  • The Warrior diet: This is where you only eat one huge feast a day
  • Skipping random meals: This is the least effective out of the 5, but can also have its benefits. By skipping random meals, you are reaping some of the rewards that come from fasting

Fasting is actually easier than you think.

Try out a method you feel would suit your lifestyle best, and see how you feel!

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What’s The Best Way To Get Started?

As with trying anything new related to health & fitness, it’s best to start off slow and gradually implement intermittent fasting into your life.

Like I said before, the 16/8 method is by far the easiest method to do.

The best way to start out is to slowly push back your breakfast times.

So if you normally eat breakfast at 7:30am, push it back an hour for a few days in a row. Then push it back another hour, and so on.

This gives your body time to adjust, and within a week or two you’ll be able to go all the way until noon without eating.

Intermittent Fasting

Another tip I find helps me is to make sure I am busy doing my fasting period. I try spend the mornings being as productive as possible, and usually workout right before I break fast.

This way my mind’s busy and doesn’t just think about food, and when I do finally break fast, it tastes and feels amazing!

After a while, intermittent fasting will be a normal part of your daily routine, and you’ll soon feel extremely comfortable with it.

And remember, it’s OK to not stick to your fasting 100% of the time.

I myself, every now and then, decide to go have a large breakfast with my partner.

This keeps me happy and mixes things up just a bit!

Does It Actually Work?

In my experience, it really does.

I feel lighter, healthier and more energized.

Another big benefit I gain from it is when my days get really busy, I don’t have to worry about food!

If my mornings start getting hectic, I just push back lunch as much as I want until I have time to eat.

You may also have seen a few in shape celebrities speak openly about intermittent fasting, and how it helps them stay healthy!

Check out this video below showing you five famous faces who swear by intermittent fasting!


Following a restricted period where you fast such as intermittent fasting can really have positive effects on both your weight loss and general health.

Try sticking to healthy foods as much as possible (we are allowed cheat days of course) and see how you feel after a month or so.

I personally love it!


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How to start intermittent fasting

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