Three Killer 10 Minute Ab Workouts For Women

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3 Ab Workouts For Women

Having killer abs isn’t just about doing ab workouts. There’s a lot that goes into it, such as diet, cardio, and working other parts of your body.

However, a good ab workout routine will definitely move you closer to your ultimate flat stomach goal!

My girlfriend recently found three ab workouts which she tries to do each week. They are perfect for anyone with not a lot of time, as they only take 10 minutes.

Three Killer 10 Minute Ab Workouts For Women

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All you need is some flat floor space and a yoga mat or a towel to do these workouts.

It’s that simple!

Below are three awesome 10 minute ab workouts for women!

Ab Workout #1:

Ab Workout #2:

Ab Workout #3:

This third one focuses more on the lower abs.

You might prefer one of these workouts to the other, and that’s fine.

I suggest you definitely try all three over a few days and see which workout you felt challenged you the most and made you feel the burn!

If you feel one is working your core the best, then stick to it.


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