5 Ways Every Traveller Manages To Stay Fit Whilst On The Road!

Travel Fitness

Have you ever noticed how when you go on a vacation somewhere, your self discipline just goes directly out the door?

You eat anything and everything that comes your way.

There never seems to be enough drinks on the menu.

And the last thing on your mind is fitness or doing ANY form of exercise whatsoever!

I have been there. And I’m sure you have too!

But is it actually worth it??

We work hard for months on end trying to stay healthy physically, just to waste it all away when we go on our yearly vacation? Or even worse, if you are like me and are constantly on the road, then going for months without exercise just cannot be an option.

Travel Fitness – How To Stay Fit Whilst On The Road!

We all need to make an effort to keep up with our exercise routine, no matter where we are.

Yeah I know, your gym isn’t travelling with you. Nor is your personal trainer. But this article is all about staying fit WITHOUT any of these things!

So no excuses from your side!

Below are 5 easy ways to stay fit when travelling. Try these out on your next adventure!

#1 Pack A Jump Rope

The lightest, smallest, cheapest and most effective piece of gym equipment you could take with you on your travels!

Jump rope is awesome, and is such a great cardio workout!

Do this for 20 minutes non stop every morning. It’s a great way to keep your fitness levels up whilst on vacation.

A good tip is to combine jump rope training with a few body weight exercises found below. It can end up being a good 40 minute workout. All without a gym!

#2 Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the easiest meal to skip of the day. It’s how I got into intermittent fasting by accident, being on the road and trying to stay healthy!

Yes, it’s tempting to dig into that breakfast buffet or to treat yourself to some local cuisine. But try hold out until lunch time.

If you haven’t heard of intermittent fasting before, check out this article! It has some great health benefits, one being losing weight and staying healthy.

#3 Walk, Walk , Walk

This tip is particularly easy to do when visiting major cities around the world.

Instead of taking taxis everywhere you go, get the Google Maps out and find your way to your next destination by foot.

Not only will this be good for your fitness, but the chances are high you will see some pretty cool things along the way which you definitely would NOT have seen had you taken a cab.

#4 Try These Awesome Body Weight Exercises

These can literally be done in your hotel room or apartment, or on any piece of grass somewhere near you. They work well, and will make you dead tired if done correctly.

  • Body squats: Do 5 sets of 10 reps. Going all the way down.
  • Burpess: The ultimate lung burster, these are the best body weight exercises around. Do 5 sets of 10, that’s enough for one day!
  • Jumping jacks: Great for warmups and to get the heart rate up a bit.
  • Crunches: The classic situps are a good exercise still. 4 Sets of 50 reps.
  • Combine all the above!

#5 Carry Your Luggage!

If you can, buy yourself a backpack and carry your belongings.

Walking through airports, train stations and bus stations with your things on your back ends up being such a good workout.

If you really can’t carry anything on your back through injury or anything like that, then that’s fine!

But for those of you physically capable human beings, do it!


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