10 Zero Calorie Foods For Easy Weight Loss

10 Zero calorie foods

We all love to know how much calories we are eating. It keeps our mind at ease that we are actually taking care of our beloved bodies.

Now whilst it is almost impossible for foods to have absolutely zero calories, foods with low calories are pretty much the same.

How so?

Because we take into account the energy your body uses to digest these low calorie foods.

Zero Calorie Food List

Below are 10 zero calorie foods you have to start eating today!

1. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the healthiest foods out there, and contains so much goodness for our bodies.

Broccoli is best eaten steamed, roasted or quickly pan fried.

One cup of broccoli contains only 31 calories.

2. Asparagus

Zero calorie foods

Asparagus comes in a variety of colours, all being super healthy.

It can be eaten grilled, steamed or even raw.

One cup of asparagus contains only 27 calories.

3. Cucumber

One of the freshest vegetables one can eat, cucumbers are made up of a lot of water, and therefore contain very little amounts of calories.

They can used in salads or to give water some freshness.

One cup of cucumber contains only 16 calories.

4. Lemons

Being a citrus, lemons have a lot of nutritional value, especially vitamin C.

They are not easy to eat! But adding them to water or herbal teas is an easy way to incorporate it into your diet.

One cup of lemon contains only 61 calories.

5. Watermelon

Probably the best and sweetest fruit to eat during those hot summer months, with the good news being that it’s low in calories and contains many antioxidants.

One cup of watermelon contains only 47 calories.

6. Beets

Zero calorie foods for weight loss

Beets, a vegetable not everyone loves.

This could be because of its blood like red colour. But it contains a lot of nutrients, and should be eaten by all!

Beets are root vegetables, and one of their most common health benefits is that they can lower blood pressure.

One cup of beets contains only 59 calories.

7. Apples

One of the most popular fruits around for people of all ages, apples are super nutritious.

One cup of apples contains only 57 calories.

8. Cabbage

Cabbage is often used in slaws and salads, and is super famous in Germany as a fermented vegetable known as sauerkraut.

One cup of cabbage contains only 22 calories.

9. Broth

Broths come in a bunch of different varieties, such as chicken broth, vegetable broth or beef broth.

It is extremely popular in Asian cuisine, and super healthy.

One cup of broth contains only 10 calories.

10. Certain Drinks

Zero calorie foods weight loss

Choosing drinks such as water, coffee or herbal teas over drinks which contain a lot of sugar will always be the healthier option.

Try stay away from sugar filled drinks!


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