How To Use A Jump Rope To Actually Lose Serious Weight

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Lose weight with jump rope bodyweight exercise

I’m sure many of you have tried jumping rope before.

You remember those PT classes at school, where everyone looked slightly awkward whilst struggling to put together at least five rotations before making a mistake?!

It seemed pointless, and just a waste of time if I remember correctly.

And I am guessing that was the last time you ever did try jump rope, right?

Well, this article is here to show you that you have been missing out on an awesome and effective workout, and exactly why you need to start jumping rope sooner rather than later!

Jump Rope Is For Kids & Teenagers Though, Right?


Jumping rope is a really tough challenge, and something most 99% of you would not be able to simply grasp at the very beginning.

It is a skill in itself, and takes hours and hours of frustrating practice to perfect it.

It’s extremely popular amongst martial artists, but it sadly kind of ends there.

Many people just don’t incorporate it into their workouts that often.

However, it’s the best and most convenient workout for you to do to get in some serious shape.

What’s Actually Required To Be Able To Jump Rope?

The beauty of it all is that you really just need a jump rope, a bit of flat surface space, and your abled body!

It’s THAT simple!

How Does Jumping Rope Work Your Body?

Jumping rope is a proper full bodyweight workout.

Not only does it absolutely hammer your cardio, but it works your muscles too. You feel it in your abs, your legs, your back and your arms.

Before We Begin

What jump rope should you use?

You really can’t go wrong with a speed rope!

Check out this one on Amazon.

It is the highest rated speed rope around, and it is super cheap!

Getting Started

The beginning stage of learning to jump rope is hard and frustrating.

Just remember that, please!

It takes lots of time, effort and failing before you finally get the hang of it and are able to jump for 5 minutes without the ropes hitting your feet.

In the beginning, just aim for being able to get a few rotations without having to stop.

And then build it from there.

Remember and accept that you won’t be a pro right off the start!

Below are a few tips on how to get started jumping rope, and how to improve.

  1. I found the best way to get used to the feeling of jumping with a rope in your hand is to hold both handles in one hand (your strong hand).
  2. Start to slowly swing the rope with your hand right beside your body. Get used to the feeling of swinging the rope.
  3. Next, start jumping up and down slowly, whilst still swinging the rope. Try not jump to high. Ultimately you never want your feet to leave the floor more than an inch.
  4. The goal here is to get your rhythm going correctly, and having your jumping and swinging timed correctly.

A Great Jump Rope Workout

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The beauty of jump rope is that it can be combined with literally any bodyweight exercises.

Below is a great workout focussing strictly on jump rope.

Here is a fun exercise you can do with a partner.

Both start jumping rope at the same time in front of a clock. Your goal is to go for a full 3 minutes without stopping.

Each time one of you makes a mistake, you add 30 seconds to the time. So if you make an error before the 3 minutes is up, you both need to skip for 3:30 minutes and so on.

This is a good way of being held responsible for making mistakes, and ends up being super tiring!


Jump rope is the ultimate bodyweight workout.

It’s perfect for anyone, and can be done anywhere.

If you are after a full bodyweight workout which will result in sweat and fat burn, then look no further!

And the best thing about jump rope is that you can do it at home or when you are travelling.


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