11 Must Know Airport Tips & Hacks Which Will Turn You Into A Genius Traveller

11 Must Know Airport Tips & Hacks

Travelling is amazing.

It’s fun.

It’s everything you want!

From seeing beautiful places, to meeting different people, it really is awesome.

However, getting through airports can sometimes feel like such a damn drag! Especially if you are stuck in a massive, international terminal.

Going through security, passport control, more security, having to wait a few hours.

It’s all just a bit much, and can get you down just a little!

11 Must Know Airport Tips & Hacks

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Below are 11 airport tips & hacks which will help make your time in airports a little bit better!

Airport Tip #1: Take An Empty Water Bottle

It’s no secret that once you are through security and into the airport departures terminal, the prices of everything skyrockets!

And one of the items which seems to always become extremely expensive is drinking water.

So make sure you pack yourself an empty water bottle which you can fill up once you are through security.

Airport Tip #2: Wear Your Extra Luggage

Airplanes get cold, so it’s always a good idea to have a few warm items of clothing with you at all times.

The problem is, these take up so much of your hand luggage space. So to fix this problem, simply wear your extra hoodie as this will free up some space in your bag!

This also helps if you are worried about not making the carry on weight limit.

Airport Tip #3: Keep Those Hotel Toiletries

These definitely come in handy for those of you who travel strictly with carry on luggage.

They are the perfect size, and you won’t have to dish out extra cash to buy yourself the correct sized bottles.

Airport Tip #4: Check Your Flight Status Before Leaving Home

It’s always a good idea to check your airport’s website for your flight details before leaving home.

This is just to make sure everything seems on time and nothing has gone wrong.

It’s better to know that your flight is delayed a few hours whilst still at home, than to have to hang around the airport all day long!

Airport Tip #5: Visit The VIP Lounge

Even if you don’t have the correct credit card or membership to gain free access to the VIP lounges, you may still be able to buy a day pass.

These lounges really are great, and take the chaos of busy airports out of the equation.

Here you can usually have a few drinks, a bite to eat and relax on a comfortable couch whilst waiting to board your flight.

Airport Tip #6: Take Snacks With You

As I said earlier, airports shoot up their prices of everything once you have checked through security!

Take a few snacks with for yourself if you think you will be hungry before boarding.

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Airport Tip #7: Pack Your Passport & Boarding Pass In The Same Place

Going through security and passport control requires us to constantly take out our passport and boarding pass, showing it to the airport personnel, then re packing it into our backpacks. Only to repeat this process again!

Make sure you have a dedicated place where you keep your travel documents in your backpack. This way you always know where to find them!

Airport Tip #8: Ask For An Upgrade

If you never ask, you will never receive.

Don’t be scared to ask for an upgrade. The worst thing that can happen is that the airline staff simply say “no”.

You never know, you might just get lucky and be sitting business class!

Airport Tip #9: Wear Glasses

If you wear contacts then it’s probably a good idea to being along your reading glasses.

Flying makes your skin and eyes extremely dry, so wearing contacts may be uncomfortable.

Airport Tip #10: Bring Hand Sanitizer

Airports and planes are pretty dirty. There is bacteria everywhere, and it’s quite easy to get ill.

Hand sanitizer helps a bit with this. Especially after using the toilets.

Airport Tip #11: Have A Zip Lock Bag

Have a few zip lock bags to put your toiletries in.

Airport security is pretty strict when it comes to this, so always make sure you have packed your toiletries correctly.

Just keep a few empty ones in your hand luggage for future use. This way you never run out!

Make sure to share these tips with all of your fellow travellers, and hopefully your next trip to the airport is a bit better!


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