Summer Cucumber Shrimp Bites

Try this very quick, summer cucumber shrimp bites. Perfect for a barbeque starter or a light snack to enjoy while you binge-watch your favorite series. This snack takes very little prep time and only uses 6 ingredients!

10 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes Which Will Change Your Life

10 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclaimer here. If you are looking for smoothie bowl ideas then you have come to the right place. Below you’ll find 10 of the best smoothie bowl recipes around. Smoothie bowls are probably the best looking dishes to make out there! The mix of colours and textures […]

25 Best Healthy Summer Breakfast Recipes You Need To Make

Healthy Breakfast Recipes 2

If you are looking for a few healthy summer breakfast recipes, then look no further. Today we have put together some of the best recipes around, and all are healthy! When the weather’s nice and warm, the last thing you feel like eating for breakfast is a super heavy, extremely filling meal. You want something […]

The Ultimate List Of Weight Watchers Meals You Need To Try

Weight Watchers Meals

Today I have put together the ultimate list of Weight Watchers meals that you can save for future use! With the new year in full swing already, many people are searching for ways to be a little healthier. You might already be off to a great start on your new workout schedule, or you are […]

13 Healthy Fall Recipes That’ll Keep You Warm & Slim

13 Healthy Fall Recipes

Make sure you stay on track with your healthy habits this Fall and try out these amazing and simple healthy fall recipes! When the colder months arrive, it’s easy to throw your healthy lifestyle out the window. Summer just seems to be the best time to be active, eat healthy and get in the shape […]

7 Vegetarian Healthy Soup Recipes Under 300 Calories

7 Healthy Veggie Soup Recipes

It’s no secret that soups are amongst some of the healthiest meals that we should be cooking in our kitchen. And nothing quite beats delicious vegetarian healthy soup recipes to kick it all off! Now normally we always say winter time is soup season, but you really can make these recipes anytime of the year. […]

10 Easy Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

10 Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Looking to make your very own protein shakes for weight loss today? Then this post is exactly what you need! Protein shakes should play an important part in your life if you are working hard on your fitness and weight loss goals. They help replenish your body, build muscle and can increase recovery. 10 Protein […]