10 Travel Tips When Visiting Malta

Ten Things you must in Malta

Having lived in Malta for two years or so, I would say I know of one or two fun and cheap things to do on the island.

Top Things To Do In Malta

If you are like me and love finding awesome things to do which won’t force you into debt, then this article should be helpful!

Malta, unfortunately, is getting busier with every year that passes. Having said that, there are still a few things for anyone to do which can be a lot of fun!

My TOP TEN things to do in Malta for budget travellers Are As Follows:

See Valletta During The Day & Night Time

Valletta really is an amazing city to see, both in the day and at night. It is probably my favourite slice of Malta, and takes you back centuries!

Day time can be used for exploring all the small city streets and taking in all the surrounding views from various viewpoints. Literally every corner has something to see.

Feeling thirsty after walking all day? Have a beer at one of the hundreds of small, street cafes!

Valletta, Malta

Evenings in Valletta are awesome. Most day visitors disappear and you are left with mostly people who have come to eat somewhere for the evening.

Restaurants are everywhere, with the majority being extremely good! My personal favourite Italian restaurant on the island is a place called Sotto Pizzeria. It is amazing, affordable and even my Italian girlfriend approves of it!

How does one get to Valletta? From the Sliema side or the Three Cities side, take a ferry. Otherwise a bus is the best option!

Have A Few Drinks At Hole In The Wall In Sliema

My local pub whilst living in Malta!

Hole In The Wall is an old, cheap pub which is always buzzing in the afternoons and evenings. Usually filled with the young workforce nearby, with everyone enjoying cheap beer and snacks.

Hole In The Wall

It’s a great vibe and one of the most non-touristy drinking holes on the island. Give it a go!

Go Have Some Cake At Fontanella In Mdina

Mdina, known as the silent city, is the old capital of Malta.

Some of you Game Of Thrones fans would recognise it as it was used to portray Kings’ Landing in a few seasons!

It’s quite small, so a few hours max is required over there.

Go visit The Fontanella Tea Gardens and have some tasty cake and coffee whilst enjoying the view.

Visit ANY Band Club (local Maltese drinking hole)

Band clubs are known as local bars where you would mostly find old, Maltese men sitting outside with their pet birds in cages. Yes, you heard that correctly!

Every city or town has one of these, and they are really cheap compared to the average bar or restaurant.

Go for the experience, and don’t expect to meet that special somebody there!

Get A Weekly Bus Card

Traffic in Malta is proper mental. This isn’t Germany or France where everyone obeys the laws on the road. Here it’s a bit wild!

The buses are OK to be honest. Not the best, not always on time. But cheap and they will get you from point A to point B.

A weekly bus card is affordable and you get unlimited trips. Otherwise just take single trips for €1.50 a trip.

Catch A Local Fishing Boat To The 3 Cities

When you are visiting Valletta, head down to the waterfront and catch a local Maltese fishing boat across the sea to The Three Cities.

Malta Fishing Boats

It’s a fun and quick way of getting there, and once you there enjoy the various super yachts on show.

Buy A Pastizzi At A Pastizzeria 

Pastizzi’s are a Maltese pie of some sorts. They are either filled with ricotta cheese or mashed up peas.

Are they healthy? Hell no. But they are cheap as chips costing between 20c and 30c each, and they not that bad taste wise!

Go on and have a few, and eat like a local.

Head To The Dingli Cliffs

The Dingli Cliffs are located on the eastern side of Malta, quite near Mdina actually. Head over on a nice day and make sure to take in the views. They are quite lovely!

Enjoy Sunset Drinks At The Golden Bay Cliffs 

Right in between Golden Bay and Riviera Beach is a rocky mountain top with steep cliffs over looking the Mediterranean.

Golden Bay is where they shot the scene in Gladiator where Brad Pitt storms the beach. Unfortunately Brad is never there to be seen =(.

Pack yourself a few drinks and snacks and have one of the best sunset views around!

Don’t get too close to the edge as it’s a deadly fall.

Enjoy The Sliema Promenade 

Sliema is the so called “hub” of Malta. This is the most densely populated area of the Island and where most companies have offices. Naturally it is also the more expensive part.

The promenade hosts endless places to eat and drink along the promenade. Although Sliema is more pricey than other towns, the food and drinks along the promenade are affordable!

Top things to do in malta

Malta can be a fun and interesting place for anyone. Whether you are a history whizz or just want to catch a bit of sun whilst having a swim, there’s something that will be of interest to you, that’s for sure!


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