5 Money Saving Articles For People Struggling To Save Money

Money saving articles


Making Sense Of Cents was probably one of the first personal finance blogs I started reading quite regularly.

Michelle, the owner and creator, has over the years loaded her site full of quality content regarding personal finance.

She has one article where she goes through 55+ ways in which we could and should all be saving money in our lives.

From talking about WHY we should be saving money, to learning HOW to budget and HOW to save on things like groceries, etc. All the way to how to correctly buy a house, how to embrace frugal living and more!

Give it a read here!

You won’t be disappointed.


This article is pretty cool as it’s a list of 42 tips given by 42 people! All taken from personal experience as well, which is a positive.

Some of the topics covered in this article are:

  • How to save money on car purchases, specifically on how to get better interest rates;
  • Saving money on grocery shopping, even at high end stores;
  • Coupon shopping!
  • Everyday household chores and how to get them cheaper.

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Probably my favourite one on the list as it is so practical and just about anyone can relate to the list of ways to save money.

She mentioned three things to which I can totally relate to. Packing lunch for work instead of always eating out, cancelling your gym memberships and starting to use alternative methods and places to exercise, and how we should embrace meatless Mondays.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff on her article which is quite useful as well, so definitely check it out!

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A bit of a deviation from the previous three articles, this one goes a little more in depth about some potential ways you could improve your finances.

The article focuses a bit more on apps and software you can easily use to save some money, and improve your quality of life.

Definitely worth a scroll through!

Give it a read here!


Jeff Rose has been someone I have followed for sometime now. His Youtube videos have some great content and great interviews with interesting finance bloggers.

In this post below, he breaks down saving money into a few categories, and talks about how to spend less on the following:

  • Finance;
  • Food;
  • Transport;
  • Housing;
  • Healthcare, and
  • Budgeting

It’s a good article with some valuable content!

Give it a read here!


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