September 2019 Blog Traffic Report: 58 451 Page Views!

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Sept Blog Traffic Report

Today I bring you my third blog traffic report for this blog,

September was the BEST month yet, by a mile!!

I think it’s the month where everything just came together, and it feels like a massive breakthrough month in traffic and revenue potential.

I hit an all time high in traffic, gained new followers, and got accepted into Mediavine!

Keep reading to see what happened!

One of the first things that got me really inspired as a blogger before even starting out was reading how some of my favorite bloggers grew.

It gave me a lot of insight about what goes into creating a successful blog, and also allowed me to see exactly what’s possible!

So toward the end of 2018 I bought my domain, wrote 5 posts, made a Facebook account and left it all. Then in April 2019, I decided to actually give this blogging thing a go!

The end of September marks the end of my 6th month blogging seriously, and it has been a mix of emotions this month, with traffic going up and down like crazy!

I want these traffic updates to help all aspiring bloggers who are currently getting started and need some advice, inspiration and motivation! Follow me on my blogging journey every month, and hopefully your traffic grows with mine!

If you would like to start your very own blog, then check out this in-depth, 8 step tutorial showing you exactly how to get started!

September 2019 Blog Traffic Report

September 2019 saw get over 58 000 page views, all coming from Pinterest.

Blog Traffic Report

This month was massive in terms of traffic taking off!

I ticked off each and every single one of my monthly blog goals, by some margin!

I heard a lot of bloggers talking about the Fall being the season where you see a traffic increase, and that has been the case.

See my previous blog traffic reports:

What’s Gone Well In September’s Blog Traffic?

September was by far my biggest month blogging yet!

Traffic started soaring, I got accepted into Mediavine (mega win!) and my reach has increased tons!


For now, all of my focus has been on Pinterest.

Once I am at a level where I am completely satisfied, I will move onto a different platform. But for now, I am really happy with how Pinterest has gone.

My Pinterest reach keeps rising, and is already over 3 million!

Pinterest Traffic Report

I really do attribute a lot of my Pinterest success to the Pinterest course I bought, which is called Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. It’s been the game changer!

With Pinterest, I have found success coming from three things:

  1. Firstly, creating more content that’s actually being searched on Pinterest;
  2. Secondly, being consistent. Posting new posts at least 4 times a week with brand new pins seems to be working well;
  3. And lastly, making multiple pins per post. I make about 8-10 pins per post and schedule them all. If none of them take off, I’ll make a new batch!

Choosing to write about topics that are already quite popular on Pinterest is another important aspect of getting your pins in front of readers.

Let me quickly show you an example of how to find content that is really popular on Pinterest.

Let’s say you want to write an article about vegetarian recipes.

You search the term “vegetarian recipes” and you see the following results:

Blog Traffic 1

Now “vegetarian recipes” might be a little vague and over saturated, so you can go in a little further and look at some of the keywords below and see how popular these posts are.

Blog Traffic 2

Now I’d select “Healthy” and check out the first few pins on the top line for the amount of repins.

Blog Traffic 3
Blog Traffic 4

As you can see, Pin 1 has 16k repins and Pin 2 has 26k repins.

So “healthy vegetarian recipes” seems to be popular!

Obviously you can go more into detail when doing it this way, but this is just a basic example of how to find popular content!

In April I purchased and started implementing the strategies I learn’t from probably the best Pinterest course I could possibly have bought, which is the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course.

It took me a few months to see results, but damn am I happy!

This course, in my opinion, is the number one Pinterest course available right now, and is extremely in-depth!

I will soon be writing a full review on them, but for now click the link below and check them out!

Blog Posts

Toward of the end of the month, I had an article go viral in a big way!

3 Different pins all pointing towards that article picked up steam on Pinterest. This just shows why it’s so important to make multiple pins per post!

The following articles were my most popular in September:

Goals For October

Before we go into October’s blog goals, let’s take a look at last month’s goals and see if they were achieved or not.

  • Hit 35 000 page views
  • Write at least 3-4 posts per week, together with quality pins (my focus will be on health & wealth content)
  • Get to 900 Pinterest followers (although Pinterest followers don’t really mean much)
  • Complete my first set of printables
  • Qualify for Mediavine (let’s hope!)

Below are my goals for the month of October!

  • Hit 70 000 page views
  • Keep writing posts each week, with a focus on the holiday season
  • Get to 2500 Pinterest followers
  • Complete a media kit and begin to reach out to companies for potential sponsors
  • Test out an Instagram account, and make a few new graphics. Will be interesting to see how it goes

Exciting times ahead, but now I feel I need to work harder than ever.

Final Thoughts

A great month indeed with plenty to smile about, but I have to keep going.

This is only the start, so let’s see where we are by the end of the year!


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If you would like to start your very own blog, then check out this in-depth, 8 step tutorial showing you exactly how to get started!

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