10 Signs When You Know You Need To Quit Your Job And Choose Happiness

Ten Signs when you must quit your job!

So I am sure many of you reading this have some sort of job or career already. Whether it’s an office or job or something a bit different, there is a good chance not each and every one of you truly love what you do.

A recent study in the USA shows that more than 80% of the American workforce do NOT like their jobs at all, and most of these 80% actually despise what they do.

Yet still so many people, myself included up until recently, will stay in this soul sucking job. We think there is no way out and that this is how our life should be lived. 

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We try get through the week as fast as possible, then by the weekend we are so exhausted from getting through the week that we don’t even get to enjoy our valuable two days off.

And then the vicious cycle repeats itself again!

Week after week. Month after month. And sadly, year after year.

When To Quit Your Job

So, I recently decided it’s time to change all of that and walked out of my cushy, corporate job!

It had been coming for a while, and to be honest with you, I couldn’t feel better. Freedom is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

I have decided to write an article on when you know it’s time to leave your job and make a change in your life.

If none of these relate to you, then you are a lucky person! 

Below are 10 signs when you know you need to quit your job. Feel free to add any others. 

You Dread Mondays & Live For The Weekend

I think many of us can relate to this one. We always just want to try and get through the working week so that we can have some “freedom” on the weekends to do what we want to do.

The problem with this, though, is that we are spending more than half of our week and our time at work. So if we accept that those five days of work are wasted in order to be able to live our lives for two days a week only, then we need to make a change.

Seeing Your Boss Makes You Nervous & Stressed

Many workers (myself included) do not have a great relationship with their superiors. 

It could be a power struggle type of thing, or your boss could just be a downright asshole who enjoys having control and power over you.

If you are in a situation where every time you see or speak with your boss your heart sinks and you begin to go into a panic, then it’s not a healthy work environment!

Bosses should inspire and lead and make you want to follow them on whatever project or job they are planning. They shouldn’t be making you feel horrible about yourself all the time. 

You Count Down The Clock From The Minute You Arrive At Work 

Arriving at work and then constantly checking the time to see how much of the working day is left is never a good sign.

It makes your days at work really drag by, and after a day’s work you are tired. Not because you have worked hard. But because you just sat around waiting for the clock to run out.

You Feel Miserable Whilst At Work 

Obviously it’s normal to not always feel excitement and happiness when you are at work. Even if you are 100% doing what you love, there are days where you feel down and miserable.

However, when it’s a daily occurrence and you just feel downright sad and depressed being at work, then it’s time for a change. 

You Have No Care In The World For The Work You Are Doing

I think if you have no interests or emotions invested in a job or the type of work you doing, then you most likely will not end up doing great work.

It ends up affecting your performance and your colleagues’ views of you.

Having said that, you don’t really mind as you couldn’t care less about the work you do. You just want to get through it and go home. 

The Learning Curve Has Stopped Rising

In the past, I have always found that the early stages of any job or gig are the best.


Because everything is new.

You meet new people, you are a new location, and the type of work you are doing is relatively new. So you are overloaded with new information and spend the first few months getting to grips with how everything within the organisation runs and operates. 

But there does come a time, for some people, where you literally stop learning anything new and you start just going through the exact same motions week after week. 

It’s the plateau phase.

When you feel you have stopped growing as a person and are beginning to feel stale and obsolete, then it could be a sign to move onto something new and exciting.. 

You Run The Other Way When You See Your Colleagues On Weekends

You try and avoid your work colleagues whenever and wherever possible, as you just don’t feel like being reminded of your job on your off time.

Most of the times when you do something social with the people you work with, you end up speaking about work and anything related to it.

If you don’t want to be reminded of work on weekends, you usually try avoid any contact with your co-workers. 

You Envision Punching Your Boss In The Face!

Violence is never a good thing, of course not!

But let’s just be honest here. I am sure many people have had this thought before.

Obviously no one really acts on it, but it’s quite a common topic amongst workers if they have a horrible boss. 

It’s fine to think this, trust me. Just don’t actually do it! 

You Cannot Stand Your Colleagues 

If the environment between you and your co-workers gets to that toxic point where you feel nothing can be fixed, then it may be time to move on.

Toxic work environments can happen. Office politics is a thing which is common in many places of work, and you may feel that it’s always you against everyone at work.

It is such a help if you get along with your work mates! 

You Are Just Down Right Unhappy 

And I don’t mean just at work. I mean just in everyday life as well.

Having a job which makes you unhappy isn’t just something which stays in the office. You can easily bring that unhappiness back home with you, and it will slowly start having a negative impact on your friendships and relationships. 

You will be seen as that “moody” or “grumpy” person whom nobody wants to hang round anymore. Be careful for this, and take care of it if you feel you are becoming increasingly unhappy and depressed because of your job!

If you find that you are currently in a job which you love and are in a happy place, then awesome! Many people will envy you, I’m sure!

However, if you feel like many of the above mentioned things hit home with you, then maybe it’s time for a change or a new challenge.

It’s probably one of the more scarier things to do in life, but it’s definitely worth it.


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