3 Travel Inspiration Videos That’ll Make Your Day

3 Travel Inspiration Videos That'll Make Your Day

This post is for those of you sitting at work or at home and are dreaming about being some place else!

There are tons of amazing travel videos out there, and I have hand picked a few of my favourite ones which really make you smile.

Feel good travel videos can be watched over and over again, and hopefully these videos will put a big, fat smile on your face and maybe just inspire you to book that plane ticket you have been thinking about for just a bit too long!

3 Travel Inspiration Videos That’ll Make You Feel Happy

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Enjoy these videos and be sure to turn the volume up!

A few years ago I came across these three videos, and I find myself going back to them every once in a while!

Basically, backpacker Matt Harding decided to capture his travels by dancing badly in front of iconic spots.

Naturally, his first video went viral, so he ended up making another two videos. However, this time he included all his fans scattered across the world!


Video #1:

His first video, which went mega viral!

Video #2:

After two years Matt was back on his travels, and decided to set up a website where he could arrange to meet with fellow travellers and dance together!

This one’s a step above the previous video!

Video #3:

His last video (for now, I hope) is another one including himself and thousands of worldly citizens.

This video is a bit more choreographed!

You have any favourite travel videos you would like to share? Let us know!


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