5 Things You Absolutely Have To In Bucharest, Romania

5 Fun things to do in Bucharest

Today I have put together 5 really fun things to do in Bucharest for anyone planning a trip!

I was extremely fortunate enough to spend a few months over summer living and working at a hostel in Bucharest.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with not only the city, but the people as well. They are welcoming and warm people, unlike the stereotypical Eastern Europeans which so many Hollywood films seem to love to portray!

With just over 1.8 million people, it’s no surprise that Bucharest has so much to offer to any type of tourist, plus it’s super affordable, which we love! 

Naturally, there is lots to do and lots to see. I have decided to show you all my favourite FIVE things to do in this awesome city. 

5 Fun Things To Do In Bucharest

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If you are planning on visiting Eastern Europe at all, then please make sure you put Bucharest on your list! You will not regret it!

So below are FIVE things which everyone should do whilst visiting Bucharest, Romania. 

Spend The Day At Herastrau Park

Herastrau Park is a really fun place to go spend a day in Bucharest. It’s easy to get to with the underground train system, and is located within the city.

It is quite a large place, with a big lake, forests, grass lawns and many kiosks all around.

You can rent a bicycle for the day and take a cycle around the park and the lake. 

Enjoy a few beers of have an ice cream in the sun! 

Visit The Palace Of Parliament

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This really is an awesome piece of Romanian history!

The Palace Of Parliament took over 13 years to construct, and has a big attachment to Romania’s communist period. 

It is impressively massive, and is known to be one of the heaviest buildings on Earth. It’s also valued at €3 Billion, making it the most expensive administrative building in the world.

To enter the building, you need to go on a guided tour, which comes with a small fee.

It’s totally worth it, and there are surrounding parks in which you can spend some time in as well! 

Have A Few Drinks At Eden Garden

This place is a must! You would never imagine that it would be a place you would want to enter when you see the walls surrounding it. 

It’s well hidden, and almost looks abandoned at first sight. 

However, once you enter you will find a completely different scene. Hammocks, bean bags, comfortable chairs, and a super chilled out environment. Almost hispter-like, but a place even anti-hispters would love! 

They don’t serve food here, but have various bars in and around the garden offering any types of drinks.

Enjoy it!

Experience The Old Town In The Day & At Night

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The buzz of Bucharest is definitely found in the old town.

During the day, it’s a place to go and visit one of the hundreds of restaurants and bars. Enjoy some Romanian food, and flush it down with some Romanian beer or wine.

At night time, the old town really comes alive. The party scene in Bucharest is pretty wild, and most places stay open til 8am or so.

There are plenty of night clubs, bars and food places for you to choose from. 

Just make sure to be careful for people or club promoters looking to scam you for money. 

Eat Some Famous Romanian Cuisine

Surprisingly, Romanian food is extremely good!

The first time I visited I never expected much of the food. I thought it would be like any other country, really.

However, I was wrong! The Romanian cuisine is tasty, relatively healthy and cheap.

Some of my favourite Romanian foods which you HAVE to try are:

  • Mici – a minced meat that is shaped like a sausage, which is grilled
  • Sarmale – cabbage rolls, my favourite!
  • Polenta with Cheese and Sour Cream
  • Any of the soups
  • Cluj-style Cabbage
  • Cozonac – Something for the sweet tooth. It’s sweetbread filled with sweet walnut paste, poppy seeds paste or Turkish delight

Bucharest is a place I couldn’t recommend enough! If you fancy a visit to Eastern Europe, then make sure Bucharest is on your itinerary!


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5 Fun things to do in Bucharest

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