The Ultimate Spain Bucket List You Need To Experience

Spain Travel

Three years ago I spent the entire European summer travelling in and around the country of Spain, and it was pretty spectacular!

The great thing about Spain is that there is pretty much everything that you want from a travel destination.

The amazing food, the culture, the people, the lively music, the many beautiful landscapes and countrysides, and then lastly, the seaside!

It is a country which literally has it all, and more!

8 Amazing Things To Do In Spain That’ll Change Your Life

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Although the weather in Spain is far better than the more Northern European countries, the best time to go is still during the summer months.

In this post I am listing some of the 8 best things you need to do when travelling through Spain.

If you have ever been to Spain and have a few ideas which could be added to this list, the let us know please!

Enjoy Free Tapas In Granada

Granada Spain Travel

Granada is an amazing town situated in South Spain.

It’s surrounded by world famous citrus trees, and is home to the well known Alhambra Palace.

But do you know what the most impressively awesome thing about this town is?

The FREE tapas at almost every bar!

Yes, you heard me correctly.


Granada is famous for offering customers a whole variety of free tapas at most of their bars when simply ordering a drink.

Some bars offer the usual snacks you find in many Spanish bars, whilst others go a bit more over the top with small curries, sandwiches and burgers.

If you are a cheap traveller, then you can really use these free tapas to your advantage!

No more spending money on three meals a day!

Go And Spend Some Time In Seville

I ended up spending almost three weeks in this city. I somehow just never left, and for good reason!

This isn’t just another European city. Far from it, actually.

The culture, the buildings and the food is what make the city so special.

Fancy to learn how to master the art of flaminco dancing? Or feel like seeing a few castles?

All of that can be done in Seville!

And top of all of that, the food and culture vibe is awesome.

Go and spend an evening at Alameda de Hercules square and enjoy a host of tapas at one of the many local restaurants.

Run With The Bulls In Pamplona

San Fermin Spain Travel

Probably the craziest experience you can have in Europe, the San Fermin Running of the Bulls festival is a must!

I mean, just the fact that thousands actually run with these large, dangerous bulls every day for almost two weeks is crazy enough, but the whole other side of the festival is just as wild.

From parties that go well into the morning every single day, to just witnessing the pride that the locals have hosting this festival, you need to go and experience it.

I did the run once, and once was enough!

It’s really dangerous, so please be wary of that and run at your own risk.

Spend Some Downtime In Malaga

Now Malaga may not be the prettiest of places in Spain, or yet even mentioned by many travellers, but for some reason I just loved my time here.

The old town is where the buzz is, and the beaches are enjoyable!

In terms of site seeing, there is lots to be seen!

Places you need to go and see include:

  • The Roman Theatre
  • La Alcazaba
  • The Malaga Cathedral
  • Castillo de Gibralfaro

Drive From Malaga To One Of Europe’s Most Southernly Towns

Cadiz Spain Travel

If you are in Malaga, or nearby, then rent a car and drive along the coast to the town of Cadiz.

Cadiz is one of the oldest towns on the continent of Europe, and you will see why when visiting.

It’s full of ancient buildings, architecture and forts.

Make sure to go on the free walking tour offered in the town, and learn more about its impressive history!

Take Part At La Tomatina Festival

In the mood for the food fight of the year?

Then make sure to head to Valencia and take part in the biggest tomato fight on the planet!

This festival has been around since 1945, and it doesn’t really have any real reason behind it. Except for a few young people starting a tomato fight in the town square!

The festival takes place in the Valencian town of Bunol.

Make sure to go if you can!

Take Surf Lessons In San Sebastian

San Sebastian Spain Travel

San Sebastian is a beautiful coastal resort town near the French border in Basque Country.

It’s famous for its picturesque beaches and mountains, and is definitely a place for any of you beach lovers!

Enjoy Massive Amounts Of Cheap Tapas At El Tigre Sidra Bar In Madrid

If you plan on visiting Madrid, then make sure you go and visit this bar!

Perfect for anyone on a budget, this place is known to bring you insane amounts of free tapas when ordering beer.

Now the food isn’t going to win any Michelin stars, but it does fill you up real good.

And remember, give your waiter a nice tip at the beginning and he will be sure to bring you more and more tapas on the house!

Spain is a wonderful travel destination, so make sure you go and visit sooner rather than later!


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Spain Travel

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