6 Reasons You Need To Add Belgrade To Your Ultimate Travel List

Belgrade Travel

Below I have put together my top 6 reasons you need to visit Belgrade sooner rather than later!

A while back I visited the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, and it immediately exceeded all of my expectations!

I always had this strange idea of how I believed Belgrade, and Serbia in general, to be.

I pictured this proper Eastern European feel. One we have come to see so often in every single Hollywood portrayal of this part of the world.

You know, those bad villains we see so often in every James Bond movie who all hail from Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, etc?


However, I was soon enough proved extremely wrong!

6 Amazing Reasons To Visit Belgrade, Serbia

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I ended up visiting Belgrade at the last minute, and thank God I did!

Below are 6 amazing reasons to visit Belgrade!

Reason #1: The People

My very first experience of Belgrade was walking around the centre of the city with my phone trying to figure out where the hell my hostel was. I had just come off an overnight train from Romania and was totally lost.

Next minute a young lady came up to me, introduced herself and literally spent the next hour with me until I was sure I had arrived at the correct hostel.

From then on out, I completely fell in love with the local people of this city.

They are extremely welcoming, friendly and just super kind human beings.

The biggest thing I took away from my time over there was definitely the people, without a doubt!

Reason #2: It’s Really Affordable

It’s no secret that Eastern Europe is a cheap and affordable part of Europe, and hence why we all love going travelling in this area so much.

However, Serbia is even cheaper than your more popular Eastern block nations such as Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

It really does make a difference when you travel through a country which doesn’t hurt your budget too much.

Tip: I soon learn’t from the local friends I made that Serbians hate it when tourists keep raving about how cheap it is. To the locals, the prices seem normal, so just keep that in mind!

Reason #3: The Old And New History

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has been the centre of many famous historical moments which has shaped Serbia.

Both old and new history is clearly present when you walk the streets of the city.

It has had many rulers and occupation, with the latest important part of history being the break up of Yugoslavia in 1991.

In the late 90s, the the NATO bombings created another piece of modern history in the city.

If you are planning on visiting Belgrade, make sure to catch a free walking tour of the city. You will see just how much of their history has occurred in recent times!

Reason #4: The Nightlife Scene

The nightlife scene here caters for literally anyone and everyone.

From crazy, all night long night clubs to small, quaint corner cafes serving cocktails, Belgrade offers it all when it comes to nightlife.

As I said before, the people of Belgrade are extremely welcoming and friendly. And this goes hand in hand with their nightlife culture.

In the summer months all the famous clubs move their locations down to the river where they transform river boats into something a little more epic. You need to check it out yourself!

If you aren’t sure what to do or where to go, just ask anyone on the street. They will know where you should go for sure!

Reason #5: So Much To Do

Belgrade travel

The city has a lot on offer which will keep you busy for hours on end.

Here were some of my favourite things to do in the city:

  • Visit the Belgrade Fortress. The fortress has amazing views of The Danube and Sava rivers. Here you can enjoy the views with a beer in hand, explore the fortress or sit in the park and watch the locals play chess!
  • Check out the street art. The graffiti scene in the city is everywhere, and it’s rather impressive.
  • Check out the Tesla museum. The famous Nikola Tesla museum is situated in the city. It’s very small, and takes no longer than an hour, but it’s worth the visit.
  • Chill out! This city is perfect for anyone wanting to just sit in a park somewhere and do nothing at all.

Reason #6: Food, Glorious Food!

Serbian food is good!

They pride themselves on Serbian BBQ food, so go and find a local restaurant (there are many) and enjoy some Serbian meat together with a few local beers.

If you are thinking of visiting Belgrade, then book that ticket right now!

It’s so worth it, and you will want to back as soon as you leave!


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Belgrade Travel

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