5 Things You Need To Go & Experience In Munich, Germany

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If you are a beer lover then I am sure you would have heard that Munich, Germany is the place to visit!

Yes, yes it has the famous Oktober Festival where millions of people go each year to enjoy the most famous beer celebration on Earth.

But there is so much more to Munich for us beer lovers than just the Oktober Festival.

I find myself visiting Munich at least once a year, and it’s not for the great weather or for the lovely people. Nope, it’s always for one thing, and one thing only.

The beer!!

The Bavarian area of Germany makes some of the world’s best brew. It’s a taste which you cannot find in many other places, and when drinking it you find yourself already thinking of ordering another round.

5 Munich Beer Experiences You Need To Have 

So, below are my TOP FIVE places to go visit in Munich if you want to have a proper Bavarian beer experience!

If you have ever visited Munich before and found an awesome drinking spot, then let us all know in the comments below.


Augustiner Brewery

So, Augustiner Brewery is one of the biggest in Germany, and has locations spread out all over Munich.

HOWEVER, there is one which is a bit hidden away, usually full of locals and is about 40% cheaper than the others! It’s a must visit for sure, and it’s always packed.

If you want to look it up, it’s on the corner of Landsberger Street and Holzapfel Street!

Get there early in the day and spend a good few hours drinking beer and eating some awesome Bavarian cuisine!


Hofbrauhaus Munich

Of course you have to go visit the Hofbrauhaus!

Yes, it’s probably the most famous and touristy thing to do in Munich, but you absolutely HAVE to go experience it for a day. To think that 10 000 people can fit into one place and enjoy the beer and food on offer is really something to see.

The kitchens are bigger than most restaurants themselves, and all the waiting staff are older, Bavarian people.

Remember, in Munich beer halls it is very common to share tables with strangers. So if you see a table which has a few empty seats, simply ask if you can join the group and get the beers flowing.

Tip: It can get really busy on everyday of the week, so I always try go in the late morning, find a good table and stay seated. Within a few hours the place is packed all around you! 


This market is right in the centre of Munich, a stones throw away from the famous Marienplatz. 

All types of Bavarian food and drinks can be found here, with a big seating area in the middle for all to enjoy.

Over Christmas time this market becomes a typical German Christmas market, and I highly recommend visiting it over December to experience a fairytale-like Christmas market!


Augustiner Beer Garden

Another one of the famous Augustiner’s venues is the Augustiner-Keller.

This one is famous for having a large outside area, known as their beer garden, which is perfect for summer time.

If you happen to be in Munich over summer, then go pay it a visit!


Marienplatz Munich

A bit of an unknown amongst tourists, I often go here for a early lunch and a few beers!

It’s located beneath the city hall in Marienplatz. At first it’s difficult to find as it’s a bit hidden, but once you get inside you realise just how impressively large the restaurant is!


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munich beer

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