5 Free Websites That Will Turn You Into A Foreign Language Pro!

Five Free Websites That Will Turn You Into A Foreign Language Pro!

Learning a second language or even a third language can have so many benefits to your life.

Firstly, it’s extremely fun! Developing the ability to communicate in a foreign language is an awesome experience.

Secondly, it can help you with any of your future travel plans, especially if you plan on spending a large amount of time in countries where English is not spoken.

Whatever reason you want to start learning a new language, there’s no doubt that it’s a really good idea, and that you should start as soon as possible.

Learn A Language For Free

In this day and age there are endless courses, websites and apps which we can use to start learning a new language.

A lot of these sites require us to pay monthly subscription, but I know many of you (myself included) would rather find a few sites which are completely free to use.

Language Learning

So below I have made up a list of five free to use websites which are really good for learning new languages!

Duo Lingo

Starting off the list is my favourite free to use language learning website!

Duo Lingo is probably the easiest and most user friendly website to use from the list.

From the start, you simply select the language you plan on learning.

Thereafter, you can set yourself a daily goal of how much time you would like to spend learning everyday.

The method of learning is a combination of identifying words from a list, and rewriting them in either your language or the language you are learning.

It’s a fun site, which is well laid out for you to use.

You can literally get started in under a minute! Give Duo Lingo a try first.

Learn A Language

Next on the list is a website called Learn A Language.

With over 20 languages to choose from, your langauge of choice should be covered on this platform.

The way they lay out their courses and content is pretty cool.

You can choose to start the actual courses for whatever language you want, or you can just learn a few words, phrases, verbs etc.

They also have language specific blogs which you can read, once your language skills start to improve.

Internet Polygot

Internet Polygot offers an impressive 37 languages on its website.

They make learning fun by using games to teach you. These include:

  • Picture games
  • Typing games
  • Word search
  • Guessing games
  • Matching games

You can also learn for specific categories such as cars, travel, eating out etc.

Open Culture

Open Culture is another top of the range free to use language website.

They differ a bit from Learning A Language in that they offer audio books, ebooks and movies to help you with the learning process.

Innovative Language

Innovative Language is a really cool website, with over 34 languages covered.

They make learning a language fun and interactive.

They offer so much variety for you to choose from, depending on whichever learning method you prefer.

Some of these methods of learning include:

  • Online courses
  • Lessons on Itunes
  • A free mobile app
  • Ebooks
  • Word of the day, everyday
  • A cool online community
  • Free audio books

Give Innovative Language a try, it’s an impressive free resource for language learning!

If learning a new language is something you might be interested in, then start learning now!

Being able to speak or write a few words in a foreign language is one of the funnest things one can do.


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