8 Kombucha Health Benefits You Never Knew About

8 Health benefits of kombucha

Today I bring you 8 amazing Kombucha health benefits!

If you are a health and weight loss enthusiast, or plan on becoming one, then I am sure you have heard the term Kombucha.

It seems to be the new craze at the moment, with so many people falling hook, line and sinker for this so called incredibly healthy drink!

But what the hell is kombucha? What does even it do?

Kombucha is basically fermented black or green tea. You add sugar to kickstart the fermentation process, then add a “tea fungus” to complete the process.

It has been consumed for thousands of years, and has many crazy health benefits.

Clearly, if people keep on consuming it for so long!

Kombucha Health Benefits

Legend says it originates from somewhere in Asia, however the exact location remains a mystery. And it has been part of many Asian cultures for generations, and will continue to be for many more to come.

Many swear by it, not only for its health benefits, but also for its positive effect on weight loss.

So let us take a look at some of the amazing benefits which come from consuming this strange looking fermented tea.

Below are 8 health benefits which come from drinking kombucha tea!

#1 Kombucha Contains Probiotics

Kombucha is made by adding yeast, bacteria and sugar to green or black tea in order for it to ferment properly.

The yeast and bacteria form a mushroom like layer on top of the tea, and this is why it’s known as “mushroom tea”.

The good news is that this yeast and bacteria contain many probiotics, which is good for your stomach.

#2 Kombucha Can Boost Energy

Kombucha makes iron more available in your body, which will result in an increase in energy.

Many who drink it regularly say that their productivity has increased a lot, which is exactly what we want!

#3 Kombucha Contains Many Antioxidants

Green tea is known to have many powerful antioxidants, so when kombucha is made with green tea, then naturally the antioxidants will be present.

#4 Kombucha Can Help With Weight Loss

Kombucha only contains roughly 30 calories per cup. So it can eventually become a good replacement for juices which contain a higher calorie count.

It could be a good drink to have whilst fasting, particularly if you do practice intermittent fasting.

#5 Kombucha Can Fight Arthritis

Many claim that kombucha has helped with joint pains, especially in the knees.

There is not much science to back this up, yet many say that their joints are feeling better after drinking kombucha for some time. If you have any form of arthritis, it’s probably worth a try then!

#6 Kombucha Can Help With Detoxification

Kombucha is full of enzymes and bacterial acids, which help with detoxifying the body.

If you are looking for a good detox of your body, then give it a try!

#7 Kombucha Can Improve Your Digestion

Many people who drink kombucha speak of the fact that their digestion felt better, with less bloating also being reported.

Some people do say, however, that overdoing this drink may cause your stomach to work too much. So beware!

#8 Kombucha Helps Maintain A Healthy Cholesterol Level

Research shows that kombucha can help maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

A natural drink such as kombucha is always a good thing to incorporate into your daily diet when fighting things such as cholesterol.


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