How to Host a Charming Easter Brunch!

How to Host a Charming Easter Brunch!

Easter is one of the most exciting holidays of the year, especially if you have little ones still

looking forward to the Easter Bunny’s visit. While the chocolate bunnies and dyed eggs are fun

ways to celebrate, one of my favorite ways is hosting an Easter brunch! Whether you want to

wow your family with a brunch they won’t soon forget or celebrate with friends and loved ones

instead, here is how to host a charming Easter brunch from home.

Choose a Spring Color Palette

Decor and color palettes can really transform any dining occasion into an elegant event. For an

Easter Brunch, choose colors and decor that represent the season and the reason you are

gathering together. Adding fresh flowers, bunnies, and other spring decors can create an

inviting tablescape your guests won’t soon forget. Don’t be afraid to head outside and bring in

outdoor elements and incorporate them into your napkin holders or centerpiece

Set up a Self-Serve Beverage Station

If you want to create a charming and elegant brunch for your guests, consider starting by setting

up a beverage station where guests can serve themselves. Keep a bowl or bucket of ice to chill

drinks, and set out pitches or cans of your drinks. A pitcher of lemonade or sparkling water can

make it easy for guests to help themselves while you tend to the food.

If you’re looking for some bubbly options for your drinks, consider making a bellini or mimosa

area as part of your beverage station.

Picture the Plate and Plan Your Menu

You might feel a little overwhelmed with so many delicious brunches and Easter staples. To

make things easier on yourself, start with this simple formula: a main protein, a carb-based side,

and two fruit or vegetable-based sides. Some examples could be potato salad, cole slaw, green

salad, an egg casserole, or even a quiche.

Lastly, add some bread or pastries to fill out your menu. These could be anything from

croissants to tarts. By limiting the number of dishes served and providing options, you will

ensure everyone is fed and won’t have to spend all day in the kitchen preparing thousands of


Recipe Ideas for Your Easter Brunch

  • If you need some recipe ideas for your Easter brunch, here are a few of my favorite go-to's: ● Cinnamon rolls ● French toast ● Hot cross buns ● Monkey bread ● Deviled eggs
  • ● Breakfast tart ● Fruit platter ● Pound cake ● Breakfast casserole ● Frittatas ● Omelets ● Quiche

Dress Code for Easter Brunch

While you certainly don’t have to dress up for your Easter Brunch, I recommend dressing in your

Sunday best. Not only will it bring your whole event together, but a casual elegance can make

your brunch feel charming and more like a party than a meal. Break out the fancy dishware and

put on a nice dress.

If you don’t want to dress up, consider a more casual feel by incorporating more vintage

decorations instead. This will still give you the casual elegance you’re looking for but without

breaking out the fine china.

If you want to host a successful and charming Easter brunch, you’ll want to save this post handy

when planning your brunch!

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