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Health & Fitness Resources

On this page you’ll find the best fitness resources that I use to stay as fit and healthy as possible.

When I spent three years backpacking through Europe, I became really obsessed with bodyweight workouts that could be done from anywhere. I never wanted to pay for a gym, so I forced myself to try out the best workout routines possible.

I still do about 99% strictly bodyweight workouts, and they seem to be working!

Over the past few months I have written various posts about health and fitness.

These are all based on what has worked for me, and what has not.

Bodyweight fitness, intermittent fasting and now the keto diet are the three things I attribute to being in really good shape.

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Bodyweight Workouts

Below are all of my articles that contain the best bodyweight workouts around.

The beauty about these workouts is that you can literally do them anywhere, and they never take more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Be it your living room, a hotel room, your garage, the local park or anywhere with a bit of space. These can be done anywhere, so you never have an excuse to skip a workout!

1. 10 Minute Jump Rope Workout That Burns Fat Fast

2. How To Use A Jump Rope To Lose Serious Weight

3. The Ultimate 7 Minute Ab Workout

4. 10 Minute Flat Abs Workout For Women

5. Three Killer 10 Minute Ab Workouts For Anyone In A Rush

6. How To Get Six Pack Abs With An Ab Wheel

7. The Perfect 10 Minute Bodyweight Workout

8. 20 Minute Full Body Workout For Women

9. 6 Body Workout Routines That Get Results

10. 15 Minute Intense Bodyweight Workout For Men

11. The Ultimate HIIT Workout For Beginners

12. 5 Full Body Resistance Bands Workouts

13. 5 Killer Bodyweight Leg Exercises

14. 10 Minute Best Butt Workout

15. 3 Intense Treadmill Interval Workouts

16. The 30 Day Push Up Challenge

17. The 30 Day Squat Challenge

18. 15 Minute At Home Workout For Women Perfect For Beginners

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Healthy Eating

As most of you know, the most important aspect of getting in shape isn’t working out.

It’s what you put inside your body, and how much of it!

Without a healthy diet, we can never fully achieve our health and fitness goals.

Below are a few recipes that every person should try sooner rather than later!

1. 10 Easy Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

2. Weight Loss Teas That Taste Good Too

3. 10 Delicious Infused Water Recipes Perfect For Detoxes

4. 50 Ultimate Smoothie Recipes

5. 27 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

6. 21 Low Carb Recipes For A Week Of Healthy Eating

7. 7 Vegetarian Soups Under 300 Calories

8. 30 Easy Fruit Salads

9. 30+ Overnight Oats Recipes

10. 10 High Protein Vegetarian Recipe Ideas

11. 30 Delicious Low Carb Snacks

12. Healthy Smoothie Bowls For The Perfect Breakfast

13. 3 Weight Loss Juice Recipes

14. 20+ Crockpot Vegetarian Recipes

15. Healthy & Delicious Meatless Salads

16. Zero Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

Check out my Easy Healthy Recipes Pinterest board for the latest healthy recipe ideas!

Intermittent Fasting

As I said before, I have intermittent fasting to thank for a lot of my weight loss success.

I stumbled upon intermittent fasting by accident on my travels, and have incorporated it into my life ever since.

Below are a few articles about intermittent fasting, tips on how to approach it, and the various types.

1. See How To Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting

2. 5 Tips For Anyone Doing Intermittent Fasting

3. The 5 Types Of Intermittent Fasting

4. Why Intermittent Fasting Is Practiced By So Many & How To Get Started

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The Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet is where one follows a low carb, high fat diet.

It has exploded over he past few years with many people swearing by it, saying it has helped them with weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle.

Below are a few of my favorite keto resources.

1. A Detailed Guide To The Keto Diet For Beginners

2. The Ultimate Keto Food List Everyone Needs To Know

3. 25 Easy Keto Fat Bombs

4. 25 Delicious Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

5. 20 Best Keto Breakfast Recipes That’ll Keep You Energized

6. 20 Easy Keto Dips That Are The Perfect Appetizer

7. 20 Keto Meal Prep Recipes That Taste Like Heaven

8. 20 Vegan Keto Recipes You Wish You Made Sooner

Check out my Ketogenic Diet Pinterest board for all the best keto tips!

Other General Health & Wellness Tips

Below are a few general health and fitness resources that help me in everyday life!

By combining all of the information on this page, you too can live a really healthy life.

1. 100+ Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Achievable

2. 12 Ways To Increase Your Daily Step Count

3. Daily Habits Of Fit & Healthy People

4. Benefits Of Quitting Alcohol: What Happened After 90 Days

5. 8 Tips For Anyone Trying To Quit Alcohol

This page will be updated constantly as I add more and more content to this blog.

Feel free to share your favorite articles with friends and family!


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