Essential Travel Items: 10 Things Every Traveller Cannot Go Without

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Plan on going on a trip of a lifetime soon? Then make sure to have these essential travel items packed and ready to go before you leave!

Essential Travel Items

I was fortunate enough to spend a solid two years travelling my way through most of Europe and a bit of Asia, and with all of that experience I learn’t what was essential to pack and what was not.

I think everyone shares the same dilemma when they first start travelling. And that being that we ALL pack way too much stuff!

And then as the months go by, we realize we have completely overpacked and start to throw stuff away.

Now packing does of course vary depending on your destination, the time of year, the expected weather etc.

But if you are planning on a doing a long term trip, then there are always a few essential travel items you simply cannot go without.

Essential Travel Items Every Traveller Needs

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Below I have put together 10 essential travel items you need to pack on your next trip.

Not only will these items make your life a bit easier, they will also be a total life saver at times!

1. Travel Cubes

Travel cubes are a great way of organizing your luggage.

They allow you to completely separate all different items of clothing into categories, and you’ll never have to dig through your luggage to find something.

Another benefit of travel cubes is that you actually end up packing smarter and using less space. This means you can take a smaller bag or better yet, you have more space for souvenirs!

2. Down Jacket

This is literally a life saver for me on so many occasions!

Even if you plan on going on a trip somewhere in summer, you just never know when the weather might just become cold all of a sudden.

And on top of that, airplanes are known to turn down the temperature by quit some margin, so it’s a good idea to have something to keep you warm.

The best thing about a down jacket is that it weighs nothing. You can simply roll it up and squash it into your hand luggage!

3. International Power Adapter

I bought one 3 years ago, and have been using it whenever needed ever since.

Buy a good quality one, and you won’t need to think about getting one again.

If you are travelling internationally, then you need to have a power adapter. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a country and figuring out that you cannot charge your phone or laptop!

I mean, we all gotta take selfies, right?!

4. Travel Locks

I have two travel locks that have been with me almost 4 years now.

One for my main backpack that gets checked in, and a smaller one for my hand luggage backpack. I usually lock up my laptop and passport compartment in my carry on backpack.

The great thing about these locks that have almost a longer wire on them, is that you can use the for other things too.

For example, at hostels I use them to lock up all of my valuables inside lockers etc. So they really do help out a lot during your trip!

5. Portable Phone Charger

These are super cheap and come in to save the day more often that not.

You can simply throw them in your day bag or hand bag, and use them whenever needed.

6. Wet Wipes

Planes, buses and trains are full of germs.

Imagine spending 10 plus hours in an area locked up with over 300 strangers?

There are bound to be germs flying around!

Wet wipes can be used for quite a few things whilst travelling.

You can clean your hands and face when you feel dirty. You can use them to wipe down your eating tray or anything else you might be touching on the flight.

And you can also use to incase you mess something on yourself!

7. Toiletry Bag

Get yourself a good quality toiletry bag which you can hang up anywhere.

These are another travel essential which most cannot go without.

It’s important to have all your toiletries stored in one place, so get yourself a bag and never stress about it again!

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Need a break from the crying baby on the plane?

Or just feel like de-stressing with some of your very own tunes?

Then a set of noise cancelling headphones is definitely needed!

9. Laundry Bag

There’s nothing worse than having to mix up your dirty laundry with your fresh clothes when you are busy packing!

It’s just not right.

Make sure you have a small laundry bag rolled up and packed away for when you start to go through a few sets of clothes.

This is really a life saver when you need to move from place to place!

10. Ultimate Carry On Backpack

I would say my carry on backpack is probably my most important part of luggage when travelling.

It includes my laptop and all other devices, my passport, bank cards, cash and more.

So it makes sense to go for a high quality backpack that’ll protect your goods the best way possible.

I use a Thule bag, as seen below. They all have really good laptop and valuable storage space, which can be locked up.

Plus, they never break!


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Essential Travel Items

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