10+ Essential Oil Hacks For Beginners


Everywhere you look these days people are talking about essential oils!

Essential oils this, essential oils that! It seems to be a hot topic.

But why is this exactly?

What are the actual benefits of these essential oils?

This article will help you learn a little bit more about this and show you a few awesome essential oil hacks you can use around the house which have many different benefits.

Essential Oil Hacks

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Essential oils are plant-based extracts which are used in variety of ways as a natural health remedy.

The most common ways people use them are as follows:

1. Diffusers

Diffusers mix water with a few drops of an essential oil which results in a delightful mist which has many health benefits.

2. Topical

Another way you can get the most out of essential oils is by applying it directly to your skin. Make sure to dilute the oils as required with a carrier oil before applying to your skin.

Below are 10 charts that will help you as a guide with essential oils!

Feel Good Essential Oil Hacks

If you are in a bad mood, feeling stressed or worried, then this chart is for you!

These essential oil mixes are known to lift you out of bad moods or stress-related states.

Essential OIls Hacks 2

Found at Doterra

Amazing Diffuser Blends Perfect For Beginners

As mentioned above, diffusers are an easy way to get the best benefits out of essential oils.

Try these essential oil mixes and enjoy!

Essential Oil Hacks 3

Found at Mommy Moment

Best Essential Oils For Headaches

A better alternative to always going for painkillers, make sure you try these essential oils first when you have a headache!

Essential Oils Hack

Found at Dr Axe

Essential Oils For Anxiety

Anxiety is part of many of our lives, and isn’t always simple to get under control. These essential oils help with anxiety, and might just be the solution you need.

Essential Oil hacks 5

Found at Dr Axe

Sleep Better With These Essential Oil Hacks

Many essential oils promote relaxation, so adding them to your night routine will have you resting well in no time.

Essential Oil hack 6

Found at Doterra

Essential Oils For Allergies

Did you know you can use essential oils to treat all kinds of allergies?

They are safe, natural and work wonders!

Essential Oils Hacks 8

Found at Web Essential Oils

Essential Oils For Skin Care

Looking after your skin is extremely important. You can use essential oils to make sure your skin is always well nourished!

Essential Oil Hacks 9

Found at One Essential Community

Aromatherapy Roll-On Blends

Roll-ons are super easy and convenient. You simply roll the mixture onto your skin.

Essential Oils Hacks 10

Found at Hello Glow

Essential Oils For Flu and Colds

Essential oils can help you fight against those flu and cold symptoms when the flu season arrives.

Essential oil hacks 11

Found at Essential Oil Expert

Car Spray Essential Oils

It’s never pleasant when your car smells! These essential oil hacks will make your car smell super fresh once again.

Essential oil hacks 11

Found at Doterra

Essential Oil Hack For Cleaning

If you are looking for a natural way to clean your home, then make sure to use these essential oils.

Essential oils can be used to make your home clean and fresh in a completely natural way.

Found at Through & Through

There are so many different uses and variations when it comes to essential oils.

Whenever you are stuck, refer back to these charts. They really are helpful!


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