12 Ways To Not Over Spend This Christmas And Remain Debt Free

Christmas Saving Tips

It’s crazy to think that we are just a few WEEKS away from Christmas. It’s just another reminder how fast time goes by.

But it is Christmas and that means time for celebrations with the people we love!

Christmas time also does, unfortunately, mean spending time. It’s the season of buying gifts, drinking and eating just a bit too much and all in all having a jolly time!

Christmas Saving

Below are 12 ways to not over spend this Christmas and remain debt free.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Planning meals ahead and knowing exactly what you want to cook and buy will save you money and allow you to get your budget going, and sticking to it as much as possible.

Ask Your Family & Friends What They Want In Advance

Buying gifts can be a tough task for family members! We are so often confused as to what to buy that we end up spending unnecessary cash on gifts we think our family and friends may like.

Don’t be scared to ask in advance. This way everyone gets what they want and need.

Buy Your Gifts Early To Avoid Panic Purchases

I know the feeling of leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute. You then end up going for fancy gifts as you have no idea what else to buy. Get the shopping done early, if possible.

Recycle Wrapping Paper

We spend so much time and effort wrapping gifts, and then just in a few seconds it’s all destroyed by the exciting recipients of your gifts!

Recycle wrapping paper where possible. It saves you money and you get to do your part for the environment.

Check Online For Both Gifts & Food

Some people still live in the world of strictly shopping in stores. Online shops can, and often do, have better deals on a lot of things from gifts to food. Check out what you want to buy online and compare prices. You may just end up saving some cash.

Budget Correctly

Make a budget for the Christmas season. Write down what you plan on spending and exactly how much you know you can afford. And then stick to that!

Spend According To Your Income

If you aren’t earning a lot of money and you have your usual monthly bills and expenses to pay, then don’t go spending a month’s salary on gifts etc. Be smart with your money, and spend accordingly.

Don’t Use Your Credit Card, Use Cash You Have

Please don’t go into credit card debt all for the sake of the festive season! Spend with money you HAVE in your current bank account.

Do Gift Swaps With Family And Have A Max Price Per Gift

This is a good idea for families spending Christmas together. Everyone has to buy one gift only, for either a specific person or a gender, and you can place a maximum price on the gifts.

Cook & Bake All The Food Yourself

Eating out and buying things pre made is always more expensive than doing it yourself.

Planning on having Christmas cookies and treats? Bake them yourselves!

Don’t Feel The Need To Give Gifts To Every Person You Know

Yes, it’s the season of giving and it makes you feel great! But try not go overboard on the amount of people you have on your Christmas list.

Thoughtful Gifts Can Be Cheaper Than Pricey, Fancy Ones

I have fallen trap to this on a few occasions. Instead of going for something thoughtful, you just throw money at the problem and end up buying fancier, more expensive gifts.

Think a bit about the person and try come up with something thoughtful.

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Do you have any ways or hacks of spending less over the festive season? 


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