9 Things On The Island Of Gozo You Absolutely Must Do

9 Things to do in Gozo

If you are planning on visiting The Maltese Islands for a holiday in the future, then be sure to not only visit the main Island, Malta, but visit it’s smaller sister island, known as Gozo. Gozo is a quaint, beautiful Mediterranean island which seems to have hit the pause button a few hundred years ago! […]

10 Awesome Summer Festivals In Europe Every Adventurous Person Has Been To

10 Awesome European Summer Festivals You Need To See

Summer in Europe is like no other around the world. The sun sets late, everyone is out and about, and people have that proper summer vibe going. With that said, there are of course a host of awesome festivals that each and every one of you MUST attend at least once in your lifetime. Best […]

5 Things You Absolutely Have To In Bucharest, Romania

10 Awesome Things You Have To Do In Bucahrest

Today I have put together 5 really fun things to do in Bucharest for anyone planning a trip! I was extremely fortunate enough to spend a few months over summer living and working at a hostel in Bucharest. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with not only the city, but the people […]

10 Travel Tips When Visiting Malta

10 Awesome Things You Have To Do In Malta

Having lived in Malta for two years or so, I would say I know of one or two fun and cheap things to do on the island. Top Things To Do In Malta If you are like me and love finding awesome things to do which won’t force you into debt, then this article should […]

5 Things You Need To Go & Experience In Munich, Germany

5 Things All Beer Lovers Need To Do In Munich

If you are a beer lover then I am sure you would have heard that Munich, Germany is the place to visit! Yes, yes it has the famous Oktober Festival where millions of people go each year to enjoy the most famous beer celebration on Earth. But there is so much more to Munich for […]

5 Europe Travel Destinations For People On A Budget

My Top 5 European Destinations For Budget Travellers

Today I have out together my top 5 budget European destinations you need to visit!  Europe has this reputation amongst travellers that it is expensive, unaffordable and burns a big hole in your pocket! This is NOT always the case. Europe has some pretty amazing and affordable destinations for all of you budget travellers to […]

Ten Seriously Awesome Things To Do In Cape Town

10 Awesome Things To Do In Cape Town

Table Mountain Obviously this is going to be the number one thing on the list! Table Mountain is one the many wonders of this world, and going up for a visit results in some spectacular views. There are two ways you can get to the top. Firstly, you can take the cable car. This is […]