18 St Patricks Day Cocktails To Get The Party Started

These 18 St Patricks Day cocktails will be sure to kick off your Irish festivities in the best way possible! St Patricks Day and booze pretty much go together like peanut butter and jelly. I mean, it’s the one day a year where drinking maybe just a little too much is perfectly acceptable. No matter […]

20 St Patrick’s Day Food Recipes

St Patrick's Day Food Recipes

Today I bring you 20 amazing St Patrick’s Day food recipes to celebrate this Irish holiday! St Patrick’s Day is probably bigger around the world compared to in Ireland itself. Everyone knows of the holiday, and slowly but surely we have grown to love this holiday and to celebrate it with some intensity. And one […]

18 DIY St Patricks Day Decor Ideas

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclaimer here. These DIY St Patricks Day decor ideas will go perfect with whatever type of ST Patricks Day party you decide to throw this year! With St Pattys Day coming up before you know it, it’s time to start prepping to make sure you have the […]

15 Magical Christmas Tree Ideas You Got To See

Christmas Tree Ideas

These Christmas tree ideas will definitely give you a few new ideas on how to decorate your tree this year! Now we all do have our very own traditions when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, and many times we don’t want to change a thing. And that’s fine! But if you want to […]

The Best Sandwich Recipes For Easy Lunches & Dinners

Sandwich Recipes

These sandwich recipes are so good that you could easily have them for lunch or even dinner! Sandwiches are part of so many cultures. They really are just that one food that so many us can relate to. All throughout our childhood we have been introduced to various types of sandwiches. Simple sandwiches such as […]