20 Inspirational Travel Quotes For Adventurous People

20 Inspirational Travel Quotes

Every now and then we find inspiration from simple quotes. Whether you dreaming of taking the plunge and going on your first real travel adventure, or you are an experienced traveller who is stuck somewhere in life and you are in desperate need of some travel inspiration, these quotes will definitely hit home! 20 Inspirational […]

6 Reasons You Need To Add Belgrade To Your Ultimate Travel List

6 Reasons To Add Belgrade To Your Travel List

Below I have put together my top 6 reasons you need to visit Belgrade sooner rather than later! A while back I visited the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, and it immediately exceeded all of my expectations! I always had this strange idea of how I believed Belgrade, and Serbia in general, to be. I […]

9 Budget London Travel Tips To Stay Under Budget

9 Awesome Travel Tips For Your London Trip

Make sure to use these genius London travel tips on your next trip to the big city and stay within budget! London is one of the most famous cities in the world. And rightfully so! It’s probably one of the most diverse places to go and visit, with its population consisting of many cultures, religions, […]

5 Reasons You Really Need To Visit Sicily This Year!

Sicily Travel

If you are planning a Europe trip anytime soon, then you would be crazy NOT to have the Italian region of Sicily on your itinerary. With so much on offer, from places to see, things to do, food to eat and more, Sicily is becoming more and more popular amongst foreign tourists and backpackers. And […]

5 Ways Every Traveller Manages To Stay Fit Whilst On The Road!

5 Ways To Not Let Go Of Yourself Whilst Travelling

Have you ever noticed how when you go on a vacation somewhere, your self discipline just goes directly out the door? You eat anything and everything that comes your way. There never seems to be enough drinks on the menu. And the last thing on your mind is fitness or doing ANY form of exercise […]

9 Long Haul Flights Tips And Tricks: How To Actually Survive

Surviving that long haul flight

Today I bring you 9 long haul flights tips and tricks that really work! Flying for an extended period of time can be stressful on the body and the mind, so make sure you try out a few of these tips! Long haul flights suck! There, I said it! There’s no way of me trying […]

10 Things You MUST Do In South Africa

10 Life Changing Things To Do In South Africa

South Africa is a wonderful destination for tourists, as there is so much on offer no matter what type of person you are. From seeing the amazing wildlife and going on safari, to chilling out by the beaches, or even visiting the wine lands, you can’t go wrong visiting South Africa for a holiday. 10 […]

9 Easy Ways To Becoming The Best Hostel Guest Ever

9 Easy Ways To Becoming The Best Hostel Guest Ever

So you have decided that it’s time for you to go on a little adventure of a lifetime. Maybe a few weeks in Europe over summer? Or a fun trip through Central America? Sweet! And you feel like not doing the usual hotel or Airbnb route, and are planning on only staying at hostels whilst […]

5 Easy Travel Money Tips To Transfer Money To Friends Abroad With Zero Hassles

5 Easy Ways To Transfer Money To Friends & Family Abroad!

Transferring money to another country and into a foreign bank account used to be super complicated, long and just downright painful. Luckily, with us living the 21st century life with all its bells and whistles, the process of sending money to a relative or friend that lives in a far away land is as simple […]

9 Things On The Island Of Gozo You Absolutely Must Do

9 Things to do in Gozo

If you are planning on visiting The Maltese Islands for a holiday in the future, then be sure to not only visit the main Island, Malta, but visit it’s smaller sister island, known as Gozo. Gozo is a quaint, beautiful Mediterranean island which seems to have hit the pause button a few hundred years ago! […]