12 Car Cleaning Hacks That’ll Make Your Car Sparkle

Check out these 12 amazing car cleaning hacks every car owner needs to use!

Car Cleaning Hacks

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I think you’ll agree with me that getting into a sparkling clean car is just awesome! The feeling, the smell and the look just makes every car owner beam with pride!

The problem is, though, that it’s not always easy to have a car that’s consistently clean.

Life gets in the way, and it’s usually the LAST thing we all have time for!

Keeping your car clean is a chore at the best of times. And worst of all, cars seem to get messy extremely quickly.

12 Car Cleaning Hacks You Need To Try

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If you are looking for some ideas on how to clean your car more effectively, then you are in the right place!

Below I have put together some really useful car cleaning hacks that are simple and easy to implement.

Get Rid Of Dead Bugs On Your Car With Cooking Spray

Car cleaning hacks

Found at Krazy Coupon Lady

Those dead bugs on the front of your car never seem to be able to come off! This hack takes care of that problem.

Clean Dust With Compressed Air

Car cleaning hacks 2

Found at One Good Thing

Use a can of compressed air to get rid of the dust in hard to reach places.

Slide Seats Forward and Clean Out the Junk

Car cleaning hack 3

Found at Family Handyman

Often we forget about what’s directly underneath the seats. Remember to slide the seats forward and clean out anything you can find. You’ll be surprised what you discover!

Clean Wiper Blades With Alcohol

Car cleaning hacks 4

Found at Krazy Coupon Lady

Using alcohol on your wiper blades prevents smears occurring on your windshield.

Line Your Cup Holders

Car cleaning hacks 5

Found at One Good Thing

This easy hack keeps your cup holders clean and organized.

Suck Up the Dust As You Go

Car cleaning hacks 6

Found at Family Handyman

Catch all the dust right away by using a vacuum.

Use A Toothbrush

Car cleaning hacks 7

Found at One Good Thing

Use a toothbrush to get in all those nooks and crannies, especially if you have textured vinyl in your car.

Use Baking Soda Toothpaste On The Headlights

Car cleaning hacks 8

Found at Krazy Coupon Lady

Rub the paste onto the headlights with a rag. The baking soda will help clean off any unwanted grime.

Replace Your Cabin Filter

Car cleaning hacks 9

Found at Remove & Replace

Most people forget to ever replace their cabin filter! Make sure you do this regularly, as it will lead to a better smelling car.

Clean Nooks And Crannies

Car cleaning hacks 10

Found at Family Handyman

Use a screwdriver and cloth to reach those really difficult spaces!

Clean Your Windows With baby Wipes

Car cleaning hacks 11

Found at Krazy Coupon Lady

A very handy thing to always have in the car, baby wipes are great for cleaning windows.

Don’t Forget The Top Of Your Window

Car cleaning hacks 12

Found at Family Handyman

It’s easy to forget to clean the top of your window. Make sure to give the top edge a good cleaning!


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