5 Europe Travel Destinations For People On A Budget

5 Budget Europe Destinations

Today I have out together my top 5 budget European destinations you need to visit! 

Europe has this reputation amongst travellers that it is expensive, unaffordable and burns a big hole in your pocket!

This is NOT always the case.

Europe has some pretty amazing and affordable destinations for all of you budget travellers to enjoy.

5 Budget European Destinations

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Below are 5 budget European destinations for cheap travellers!


Belgrade, Serbia

Number one on my list! I happened to go here by a last minute decision a few years back as I was in Romania at the time and a couple of us decided to take an overnight train through to Serbia and go spend a few days at the capital city, Belgrade.

And how happy I am that this happened! Serbia for me was and still is one of the best travel destinations.

Yes, it’s super affordable. That’s the whole point of this article. But money aside, there is so much about the country that I love.

The people, the food, the vibe. These are all extremely good.

My experience with the people was so positive. From having them come over to you to when you seem lost offering to help with directions, to them just always being welcoming to foreigners.

If you take into account what the country has been through, it makes you appreciate their friendliness even more.

Remember, if you are about 30 years old and are a Serbian resident then chances are pretty good you have lived through a war, which is insane.


Romania is slowly becoming more and more popular for all types of tourists, especially budget travellers!

It’s a country close to my heart as I spent a few months working and living in an awesome hostel in the centre of Bucharest.

The capital city, Bucharest, offers you everything imaginable with the exception of a beach. From massive, green parks to a buzzing old town where drinks and top quality restaurants cost a fraction to what you would pay in a more western city such as Paris or London.

Then there is the beautiful countryside which resembles that of Austria or Switzerland. The Peles Castle being one of the awesome places to go visit.

If you are a beach bum then head to the Black Sea and enjoy fun and cheap seaside towns!



Spain, one of the best cultures in Europe. Tapas, siesta’s and lots of beer and wine something which you might be interested in? Then get over to Spain!

I spent one whole summer travelling through Spain. I used public trains & buses, ride share with a few people and also rented my own car once or twice.

The people are extremely passionate about life, which is awesome!

Helpful tip: Always take into account that literally EVERYONE takes a siesta all afternoons. With that in mind, do your grocery shopping etc before as everything shuts down during this time!

Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy

Italiaaaaa, just had to be on the list, right? Yes, Italy is technically Western Europe and should not be a really cheap destination for budget travellers. But I am talking about Sicily here!

Sicily is a huge island south of mainland Italy. I currently am writing this from an island only a stone’s throw away – Malta. Having visited Sicily many times before, I can confidently say it’s a great travel destination for anyone on a tight budget.

From food, to drinks, to even seeing an active volcano. There is so much to keep you occupied on this awesome island.

Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Another favourite of mine in Eastern Europe, and also extremely affordable.

Czech Republic has some amazing countryside, and then of course the main attraction is the city of Prague. The city has many different things to enjoy. From famous landmarks, to castles, bridges and more. The food and drink culture is great and cheap.

Prague has a great German influence to it, so there are plenty of beer halls and comfort food that goes with it!

Enjoy the country, its worth it!


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5 Budget Europe Destinations

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