15 Minute At Home Workout For Women Perfect For Beginners

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Try this 15 minute at home workout for women which is perfect for those of you who are only just getting started with fitness!

at home workout for women

Are you looking at starting to take your health and fitness a bit more seriously?

But you feel that you just never seem to have any time to actually get started?

Well in this post I have a really quick, yet effective at home workout which you can do.

And best of all, it ONLY takes 15 minutes!

15 Minute At Home Workout For Women

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The hardest part of any fitness journey is getting started, and actually having a few workouts to follow.

Just simply saying “OK, now I will workout” without even knowing where to start is never a good thing!

Fortunately, there are so many really awesome workouts available for you to choose from on the internet.

Why At Home Workouts Kickass

At home workouts are my favorite kind!

I spent three years travelling across Europe and living out of my backpack, so I had no choice but to start learning how to stay fit by getting creative.

I had no money for a gym, so naturally I started researching workouts to be done at home, and would spend 15 to 20 minutes a day trying them out!

There are so many reasons you should love at home workouts!

Here are a few:

  • They are FREE! No need for a gym membership
  • They take very little time. Not only can you get a good workout within 15 minutes, but you don’t need to commute to and from a gym
  • You can mix them up and vary up the workouts as you like
  • They can be done from anywhere, even if you are travelling out of town

The 15 Minute At Home Workout For Women

Below is the perfect workout for any women looking to slowly get started with some fitness.

It’s targeted at beginners, so if you feel that you are super unfit, then this workout should be good enough for you.

Try out this workout below and see how you feel.

If you felt like it gave you a good workout, then keep doing it a few times a week!

20 Minute Intermediate Workout

For those of you who found this workout a bit too easy, or if you have done it a few times and are ready for something a little more challenging, check out this workout below!

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at home workout for women

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