The Most Amazing Tiramisu Recipe You’ll Ever Make

This amazing tiramisu recipe is absolutely delicious, and needs to be tried by every single person reading this!

Tiramisu Recipe

Today we have an amazing recipe brought to you by Angela over at The Bella Vita.


I recently made this tiramisu in the classic Italian way by using mascarpone and Italian espresso coffee.

But I added an additional twist, and one which has turned out to work wonder!

And what’s that twist?

Grated dark chocolate!

Keep scrolling down and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Authentic Italian Tiramisu Recipe

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Every Italian grows up learning how to make a proper Italian tiramisu.

My grandmother taught me as a child, and I have been making them ever since.

It’s an easy and quick dessert which requires no baking at all.

Italian Tiramisu Recipe

Below’s my family recipe for an amazing tiramisu.

Tiramisu Recipe


  • 300g of Lady finger cookies
  • 4 Fresh eggs
  • 500g of Mascarpone cheese
  • 100g of Sugar
  • 300ml of Cold espresso coffee
  • 1 Bar of good, dark chocolate
  • 2 Shots of sherry
  • Enough cocoa powder as needed


#1: Prepare the coffee, it is essential that it is a good quality coffe (not instant!), as it’s flavor is then much more intense. Once ready, add a spoon of sugar and a shot of sherry and let it cool down in a bowl.

#2: Separate the egg whites from the yolks, and start whipping the yolks with half of the sugar. When the mixture becomes light and fluffy, slowly add the mascarpone. (I usually add another shot of Sherry to this mixture, so feel free to do so too).

#3: At this point, we need to whip up the egg whites until stiff with the remaining sugar. Thereafter, mix this into the egg yolk & mascarpone mixture from the previous step. Fold in the egg white and sugar mixture, until your tiramisu sauce is even and smooth.

#4: In a baking pan spread 2 generous spoons of our cream on the bottom, in order to form a cream layer.

#5: Dip the ladyfingers in the coffee & sherry and start distributing them evenly onto our bed of cream.

Tiramisu Recipe

#6: Chop up (or grate) the dark chocolate and spread it over the ladyfingers. (You decide how much chocolate you want on your tiramisu, you can even prepare it without it! )

#7: Cover with a layer of cream and repeat.

#8: In the last layer dust the tiramisu with sifted cocoa.

#9: Cover the tiramisu with clear film and let it rest for at least 3/4 hours in the fridge.

When you need to serve it, all you have to do is cut it into cubes with the help of a spatula, take it out of the baking dish and place it onto a dessert plate.

Give it a sprinkling of cocoa and you are all set!

This Italian tiramisu recipe, after a night of rest in the fridge, becomes even better as the cream becomes a bit more compact.

How Long Can One keep Tiramisu In The Fridge?

Personally, I never get to keep any tiramisu, because it disappears in a day!

This tiramisu can be stored for a maximum of two to three days due to the fact we use eggs and mascarpone.

You can freeze it, maybe already divided into single portions, and store it for a month. When you want to serve it, simply leave it at room temperature for a couple of hours.

Your friends and family are gonna love my Italian tiramisu recipe.

It’s easy to make and I guarantee it will be the best tiramisu you’ve ever eaten!



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