10 Minute Intense Flat Abs Workout For Women

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10 Min Ab Workout For Women

The best thing about most abs workouts which actually work is that they can ALL be done from home.

All you really need is bit of flat floor space and a yoga mat. A towel will work just fine.

I found this ab workout without equipment recently on Youtube and my girlfriend and I have been giving it a a try. (My girlfriend swears by it)!

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10 Minute Ab Workout Without Equipment

It’s a non-stop and intense ten minute workout, and don’t be surprised if you can’t get through the whole routine without taking a small break.

You are allowed to!

Doing this workout a few times a week will definitely strengthen your core.

A Few Things To Remember

Start slow, and build up your strength as the weeks go by.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a break when you feel you simply cannot go further.


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