9 Budget London Travel Tips To Stay Under Budget

London Travel Tips

Make sure to use these genius London travel tips on your next trip to the big city and stay within budget!

London is one of the most famous cities in the world. And rightfully so!

It’s probably one of the most diverse places to go and visit, with its population consisting of many cultures, religions, languages and more.

There is so much to see and to do in this beautiful city, and it takes days of site seeing to try and fit all the sites in.

Hence why it’s always top of the list for anyone planning a trip to Europe!

I mean, who doesn’t want to go and see the Queen at Buckingham Palace or go and visit The Big Ben?

But above all, it does have a reputation for burning a big hole in your pocket!

9 Useful London Travel Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Go Broke

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So below are 9 travel tips for anyone visiting London!

Travel Tip #1: Get An Oyster Card

Make sure you buy yourself an Oyster Card the moment you arrive in London.

Chances are you will definitely be using the underground tube system to get around the city at some point, so this card makes your trips much cheaper.

You can buy these cards at any tube station and load it up with credit.

The London tubes are really expensive, so you need to try and get these trips for as cheap as possible.

Travel Tip #2: Go To Brick Lane!

Brick Lane is a street which really comes alive at night!

I was lucky enough to spend a week living just off Brick Lane, and the markets kept me busy for hours every evening.

The focus is on North African, Middle Eastern and Eastern cuisine.

It’s all delicious and fresh, and best of all it’s super affordable!

Travel Tip #3: Dress Prepared

It’s no secret that London isn’t a tropical island filled with sunshine all year long.

For the best part of the year it doesn’t see much sunny weather.

So even if you are visiting in the summer time, make sure you take along a few warmer clothing items and an umbrella!

Travel Tip #4: Walk, Walk, Walk

Like most cities in Europe, the best way to see it and experience it like a true local is to walk!

That is, of course, if the weather allows you to.

London is made for walking.

Everyone walks.

It’s the easiest way to get around and see places in one area. On top of that you also manage to get some exercise in.

Travel Tip #5: Rent A Bicycle

London is very bicycle friendly.

They have lanes for cyclists, and everyone respects them.

If it’s a sunny day, then rent a bike and go on your own little city tour.

Travel Tip #6: Don’t Eat Or Drink Near Tourist Attractions

It’s kind of a no brainer, but avoid eating or drinking at spots near tourist attractions.

These places inflate their prices massively, and you will end up paying double or triple the price!

Travel Tip #7: Visit Free Museums

Are you a fan of all things history?

Well, then you are in luck!

London has so much history, with many museums to go with it.

The nice thing is that many of these museums are free to enter.

See this list of free museums in London!

Travel Tip #8: Watch Your Step

The foot and bicycle traffic in London may seem overwhelming at times.

Make sure to just be aware of people walking and cycling by.

The last thing you want to happen is a cyclist hitting you head on!

Travel Tip #9: Stay Safe!

London in general is safe, but they have had an increase in crimes lately.

Try stay in areas which feel safe, and don’t go walk down dark alleys at night all by yourself.


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London Travel Tips

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