9 Genius Home Office Organization Ideas

9 Genius Home Office Organization Ideas

Looking for a few genius home office organization ideas to get rid of all the clutter lying around your office? Then keep reading!

If you are someone who works from home then you know how important an organized space is.

There’s nothing worse than trying to be productive in the middle of an unorganized mess. You need to know where everything is, and you need space to be able to function.

This is where a few clever home office organization ideas can really save your day!

11 Genius Home Office Organization Ideas

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Below are some awesome home office organization ideas that you could definitely use!


Washi Tape Cord Labels

It’s so easy to unplug the wrong cord when you have multiple cords plugged in next to each other!

Having them each labelled individually will help prevent this from ever happening!

Use A Tackle Box To Organize Your Small Items

A perfect way to store all those small supplies you might have lying around your office.

Label Your Binders

Having easy to read labels on bright binders makes it really easy to find whatever it is you are looking for.

Paper Organization Ideas For Your Home Office

Color coding your foldings will definitely turn your paper mess into an organized system!

Organize Your Desk Drawers with Plastic Containers

A very clever way of keeping your drawer well organzied, as we know our drawers can always become messy real fast!

DIY Family Charging Station

This DIY tutorial is really cool and will help you and your family create a designated charging station for your phones and tablets.

Build Your Own Pegboard

If you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY’er then this project is something you need to consider! A really smart way of keeping your home office organized!

Mason Jar Desk Accessories

The perfect place to store pens, pencils etc on your desk!

Binder Clips To De-Tangle Cords

A really smart way to keep cords exactly where you want them to be.

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