9 Experiences You Must Have In Railay Beach, Thailand

9 Things To Do In Railay

If you are looking for a useful list of the ultimate things to do in Railay Beach, Thailand, then you have come to the right place!

Railay Beach in Thailand is one of the best beach destinations to visit if you are going to be travelling in Thailand.

The laid back vibe, lack of any sort of motor vehicles, and gorgeous cliffs and beaches all combine to form the perfect chilled out travel destination!

It is technically connected to mainland Krabi, but it is only accessible via boat, making it really hidden away and giving it an amazing, isolated feel.

9 Things To Do In Railay Beach

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Now if you are looking for a beach getaway, but want something a bit more relaxed and not so hectic as a few other Thailand islands can be, then I highly recommend Railay Beach!

Trust me, after a few days here you won’t want to leave.

I recently just got back from this amazing travel destination, and absolutely loved it!

So if you are thinking about going and wondering what to do when you get there, then don’t stress.

I have got you covered!

Today I bring you 9 of the best things you HAVE to do when visiting Railay Beach!

1. Relax On Railay Beach

Railay Beach 7

Now what would be the point of going to Railay without ever spending some time on the actual Railay Beach itself?!

Railay Beach (located on the West side of Railay) is one of several beaches which Railay has to offer, and is the most popular by quite some margin.

It’s also the largest of the all the beaches on offer, with some beautiful cliffs hanging over both sides.

Now it can get a little bit crowded in the middle of the day as many day visitors tend to have their long tail boats park here, so the best time to enjoy this stunning beach is before lunch or late afternoon for the picture perfect sunsets.

TIP: The sun sets on this side of Railay, so make sure to pack yourself a little picnic basket and enjoy one the most amazing sunsets around whilst sitting on the beach!

Railay Beach also plays host to a few hotel resorts.

You might think that these resorts will be extremely expensive and not be within budget for normal travellers, but you can really get great deals for really cheap!

If you plan on going during low season (May – November) then shop around online for prices, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable the hotels are!

2. Eat Some Of The Best Thai Food

If you have ever been to Thailand, then you’ll know just how delicious Thai food is! And trust me, some of the Thai restaurants in Railay are among the best I have had in all of Thailand.

Prices in Railay are a bit higher than that of mainland Krabi, but that is expected with it being an isolated destination.

However, there are a handful of restaurants that are reasonably priced and have a delicious menu on offer!

Where To Eat In Railay?

The Million Dollar question everyone always has!

I tried quite a few restuarants in Railay, and ended up coming back to the same two day in and day out, purely because they were just awesome!

Restaurant #1: Mangrove Restaurant

Mangrove restaurant is by far the best Thai restaurant in Railay, in my opinion.

It’s located right at the end of Walking Street, the second last restaurant on the left! You can’t miss it.

Restaurant #2: Railay Family Restaurant

About 50-70 yards before Mangrove is the Railay Family Restaurant, located on the right side of Walking Street.

It too has a great variety of both Thai and Western dishes.

Restaurant #3: Kohinoor Indian Restaurant

Now I know when you are in Thailand you mostly want to eat Thai food only, but if you feel like a break from Thai cuisine, then I high recommend this Indian restaurant! It’s really tasty food.

It’s literally opposite Mangrove Restaurant, so it’s easy to find.

3. Go Kayaking

All along Railay Beach you’ll see kayaks for rent.

It’s a really good way to see the bay and surrounding areas, and to get a little exercise in!

As the sea is usually really calm, kayaking here is perfect for beginners.

Railay Beach 3

Where To Rent Kayaks?

As I said, almost every resort will have a kayak rental service. Shop around and take the one you feel is best. Their prices are pretty standard!

You can rent kayaks for one hour, two hours or a full day.

Make sure they include life jackets in the price.

4. Take A Long Tail Boat On The 4 Islands Tour

Railay Beach 10

The 4 islands tour is very popular in the Krabi region, so you’ll see every tour company offering a trip for an inflated price!

You can go ahead and do a fancy, speedboat 4 islands trip if you are willing to pay a bit more. The main benefit of having a speedboat is of course getting around quicker, but I think most of these trips require you to be part of a larger group.

Railay Beach 10

How To Do The 4 Islands The Cheap Way

If you want to have an amazing trip for a fraction of the price, then do as I did and go for the cheap option!

On Railay East you’ll see the pier where most long tail boats pickup and drop off customers.

Simply walk up to the pier, find any of the local long tail captains, and enquire about a 4 islands tour.

Make sure you don’t pay more than 1700 Baht for the entire boat, as this is the standard price. A few might try start off with higher prices, but 1700 should be what you pay!

Then make sure to ask about national park fees, as these are not included in the price.

You don’t have to book these guys in advance.

We simply walked up to them with our bags packed for the day, found a captain, and off we went!

TIP: Most private boat trips like to head out in the mornings for these tours, so do yourself a favor and rather do the 4 islands in the afternoon! This way some of the spots will be empty, and you can enjoy the late afternoon sun!

5. Go Rock Climbing

Railay Beach 4

Because of the amazing cliffs Railay has to offer, the sport of rock climbing has become really popular here!

There are a few rock climbing schools that offer day courses for beginners, intermediate or advanced climbers.

If this is something you might be interested in, then give it a try!

The popular climbing spots are along Railay East. You cannot miss the cliffs with climbers!

6. Enjoy Cheap Sunset Beers

Railay Beach 5

As I said earlier, you really need to experience a few sunsets on Railay Beach!

It’s quite spectacular.

Now you don’t need to sit at one of the expensive hotel restaurants to actually enjoy the sunset. You can quite easily pack yourself a few cold beers and snacks and go sit somewhere on the beach.

Where To Buy Cheap Beer In Railay

Alcohol, together with everything else in Railay, is a lot more expensive than mainland Krabi.

Beers, waters, chips etc cost almost double in the mini marts compared to Krabi!

But, there is one shop where you can get beers for a reasonable price compared to the rest of the area.

The shop doesn’t have a name, so I’ll just show you a photo of what it looks like and how to find it!

Railay Beach 6

The easiest way for me to explain is to walk all the way down Walking Street, then continue down the alleyway in the exact same direction heading to Railay East.

You’ll see it about 75 yards from the end of the alleyway, next to a tour company shop.

7. Find A Few Monkeys

Railay is full of monkeys!

Always check above you in the trees or on the roof, and you’ll be sure to see a few causing trouble!

Make sure you keep your food away from them, as they tend to be quite sneaky!

8. Walk Around & Explore

phra nang beach
Phra Nang Beach

There are so many little streets, paths and unexpected places to see in this little paradise!

Put your walking shoes on and spend a few hours exploring every part of Railay.

If you head over to Railay East, both directions offer some amazing trails with views of the cliffs, the sea and a few smaller bays.

Railay Beach Caves
The Diamond Caves

Feel free to stop off for a cold drink or two along the way. You’ll be sure to find one or two really cool bars right on the water!

9. Hit Up The Bars In Walking Street

Railay Walking Street is almost like a little Jamaica!

There are many Rasta bars along the street, all offering live music, drinks, food and a few other things for you to enjoy.

Now Railay isn’t the life of the party, far from it in fact.

But you can stil enjoy your evenings in a much more chilled out way. That’s the Railay way!

Final Few Tips

Getting to and from Railay is really simple.

Every taxi driver in Krabi will know where to drop you, then you just need to take a quick long tail boat across which is really cheap.

As you are in quite a jungle-like environment, there are naturally many mosquitios flying around. So make sure you always have some spray on you!

Other than that, just enjoy your time on this little tucked away part of Thailand!


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9 Things To Do In Railay Beach

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