8 Rustic Easter DIY Decor Ideas

Easter is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate spring and beautify your home with cheerful colors and creative designs. Rustic Easter decorations are a lovely addition to your spring decor if you’re searching for a warm and welcoming approach to decorating your home for Easter. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to make rustic Easter decorations and provide some design suggestions to add a little country flair to your home. 

Materials Needed for Rustic Easter Decor 

You’ll need to gather the appropriate supplies before making your rustic Easter décor. If you’re unsure where to look for the required supplies, you can visit your neighborhood stores like Michaels or Joanns. For added convenience, many of these shops now provide delivery schedules and alternatives for free shipping. Another place to find supplies is through online stores like Amazon or other online craft stores.

Here are some examples of supplies you might need:

  1. Scrap Wood
  2. Tree Branches
  3. Styrofoam Eggs
  4. Floral Wire
  5. Hot Glue Gun
  6. Mod Podge


You can also decorate your Easter display with moss bunnies, natural flowers, and rough wooden planters if you want to create something genuinely rustic. 

Rustic Easter Decor Ideas

Let’s dive into the world of DIY rustic Easter decorations! With your craft supplies at the ready, it’s time to let your creativity shine. Here are some inspiring ideas to help you add a cozy, country-chic touch to your Easter decor:

Rustic Easter Wreath

First up is the rustic Easter wreath. Whether you hang it on your front door or use it as wall decor, a rustic Easter wreath will make a warm and inviting statement. To create one, repurpose an old picture frame as the base and adorn it with fresh flowers, tree branches, and a cute bow. Then, add a funny watering pot or a bird’s nest for a playful touch.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Next, let’s talk about rustic Easter table decorations. These charming accents are not only visually appealing but practical as well. First, create a rustic Easter centerpiece by using a rough wooden planter and decorating it with pastel eggs and fresh flowers. For extra flair, use sugar bee crafts and fluffy bunny tails. To complete the look, incorporate rustic place settings, such as burlap table runners and wooden chargers.

Rustic Easter Eggs

Designing rustic Easter eggs is a great way to give your Easter display a touch of rustic charm. Use soft hues and give your eggs a rough appearance with a dry brush or sandpaper. Next, use organic elements like flower wire or tree branches for a genuinely rustic appearance. Finally, use a moss bunny or a rustic bunny figurine in your Easter egg display to increase the enchantment. 

Bunny Garland

Creating a bunny garland is a fun and easy DIY project that can add a charming touch to your Easter decorations. You’ll need some craft paper or fabric in your favorite pastel colors to get started. Next, depending on your preference, you can use a bunny template or freehand draw the bunny shapes. Once the bunny shapes are cut out, use a hole punch to make small holes near the top of each bunny’s ears. Then, thread a piece of twine or ribbon through the holes to connect the bunnies together.

Easter Decor Sign

Making a rustic Easter sign is a great way to add a charming touch to your home decor this Easter season! You can use a reclaimed piece of wood or a chalkboard to create your sign. The distressed look of reclaimed wood can add a rustic feel to your Easter decor, while a chalkboard provides a more vintage vibe.

Mason Jar Centerpiece

Creating a rustic Easter centerpiece with a mason jar is an easy and charming way to bring festive decor to your home. To create the centerpiece, choose pastel-colored eggs or Easter candies to fill the jar, and add fresh flowers such as daisies or tulips for a rustic touch. You can also tie a ribbon or twine around the jar to enhance its rustic charm. Finally, place the mason jar centerpiece on your dining table or mantel for a festive Easter vibe your guests will love!

Easter Basket Planter

Add a touch of rustic charm to your Easter decor by using an old Easter basket as a planter! First, choose a basket with a cute design or a vintage look. Then, fill it up with fresh flowers or a potted plant of your choice. You can use spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths to add a festive touch to your basket. Finally, you can add some Easter eggs or bunny figurines for a playful touch. These cute accents will complement the flowers and create a magical centerpiece for your home!

Rustic Easter Bouquet

Creating rustic Easter wreaths is a wonderful way to change your decorations from traditional wreaths. First, choose a mason jar or vase as your base, which adds a rustic touch to the overall look. Then, fill the jar with a variety of fresh flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, pussy willows and cherry blossoms. Finally, add colorful Easter egg decorations or bunnies to give it an Easter vibe. This unique Easter decoration is perfect for hanging on your front door or displaying on your wall to welcome the year with a touch of rustic charm.


To make your decorations special, feel free to mix & match and add your own finishing touches. You can make lovely things with a hot glue gun, some mod podge, and your imagination.

Final Thoughts on Rustic Easter Decor

Making your own rustic Easter décor is cost-effective, enjoyable, and rewarding. Your rustic Easter decor can produce a warm and welcoming ambiance by using natural components, a variety of textures, and bright, fresh flowers. Finally, remember to have fun and get creative with these ideas! Happy crafting!

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