7 Zero Waste DIY Ideas For Your Home To Make The World A Better Place

7 Zero Waste DIY Ideas For Your Home

Everywhere we look around us, there is plastic being used then almost immediately being thrown away.

It drives me mad, and I can’t stand going to supermarkets where they find it necessary to wrap every single piece of fruit and vegetable in layers and layers of plastic.

For a while now I have been looking at ways to reduce my waste in any way possible.

We can all do our part to try and make the environment a bit better, and what better way to start than right where we spend most of our time: Our homes!

7 Zero Waste DIY Ideas You Need To Get For Your Home

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I think we all can do our part in trying to be less wasteful, and in this article I have put together some really cool zero waste DIY ideas for around the house!

From making your own soap, to making your own shopping bags, I am sure you will find these ideas extremely inspiring and helpful. And hopefully you try a few of them out!

Here are 7 zero waste DIY ideas you need to try out today!

#1: DIY Produce Bags

DIY Zero Waste Ideas

Found at The Yellow Birdhouse

Probably being the number one waste item in most of our lives, shopping bags really need to be replaced!

These DIY shopping produce bags are pretty cool and easy to make! They don’t weigh much, look lovely and are better than always having to get new plastic bags.

#2: DIY Dishwasher Powder

DIY Waste Free Dishwasher Soap

Found at Eco Boost

If you have a dishwasher in your home (they are a lifesaver!) then be sure to give this zero waste dishwashing powder a try.

This simple recipe uses washing soda, citric acid and salt. And it works!

#3: DIY Laundry Soap

DIY Laundry Soap

Found at Less Waste World

Another cool hack to make your own laundry soap.

The instructions are extremely simple and contain just three ingredients!

#4: DIY Deodorant & Toothpaste

DIY Toiletries Zero Waste

Found at Hestia Speaks

Who knew you could actual make your own toiletries?!

Make sure to check out these awesome hacks. Low waste, and good for you!

#5: DIY MakeUp Remover

DIY makeup remover

Found at Wild Minimalist

Attention ladies!

If you want to go zero waste then be sure to try this DIY zero waste makeup remover.

#6: All-Purpose Orange Peel Cleaner

DIY Zero waste cleaner

Found at Greenify Me

Many cleaners contain a lot of unneeded toxins. So this DIY zero waste cleaner really is a breath of fresh air, and it really works wonders.

Made only of two ingredients, you can use this orange peel cleaner as a multi purpose cleaner around your home, and it smells amazing!

#7: Homemade Body Lotion

DIY Waste Free Ideas

Found at Litterless

Another great example of how you can go zero waste with body lotion!


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