7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Energy Levels And Feel More Productive

7 Ways to have more energy !

Whether you work an office job for a big corporation, are self-employed or live the nomadic life, there will always be a time where you just feel completely flat.

Maybe the workload’s getting to you, or you feel like you can’t get enough sleep.

And it sucks as having no energy at all is horrible, especially if you plan on being productive! (Which I’m sure you are)

I remember back in my corporate office days how there would be days where I literally just wanted to sleep for 24 hours straight. Being cooped up in an office is not normal, and all that stale air can really make you sleep and lazy real fast!

Unfortunately drinking heaps amount of coffee won’t always solve the problem long term. We need to try a bit more of a healthier way!

How To Feel More Energetic

So below are 7 easy hacks for you to feel a bit more energised!

1. Drink More Water

It may seem like the most obvious bit of advice, but so many people simply forget to drink enough water on a daily basis. Especially in the winter months!

Having a glass or two a day just isn’t enough. You need to make an effort to consume at least two litres a day, if not more.

Try having a big glass of water as soon as you wake up. This will also help get your metabolism going, and start you off on the right foot for the day!

Also please remember that you shouldn’t only drink water when feeling thirsty. Big mistake! Get those fluids in your system, and watch the energy levels rise!

2. Move Around More

Sitting still at your desk for hours on end will only make you feel more and more lazy. Especially if you are staring into a screen at the same time.

Get up every hour and get a move on!

Go for a walk somewhere, maybe run up a few flight of stairs. Anything to get the blood moving through your body at a normal level once again.

3. Snack On carbs

Yeah, yeah I know. You probably think carbs are horrible and will make you a fatty?

Well, not always. The body needs good carbs to be able to store long term energy.

Snacking on whole grain carbs, fruits, vegetables etc will help your body increase its energy levels throughout the day. They definitely work better than the instant sugar rush you get from eating candy!

4. Get Some Fresh Air

Being inside all day, especially at work with all those other human beings, really doesn’t allow you to breathe in any fresh air for the most part of the day.

Whenever you decide to take a break, try get some fresh air. I know it’s tough in winter, but just a few minutes here and there could just give you that kickstart you need. Particularly when the afternoon laziness starts to set in!

5. Get Some Direct Sunlight

The sun is an awesome source of energy for us all.

Ever felt how in the summer months you just feel more energetic and happy? You feel you often skipping around rather than walking? Well a lot of that is thanks to the sun!

If you are sitting in a dark room all day, try open the blinds.

Or even better, step outside and get some sun on your face!

A bit of sunlight everyday will not only give you more energy, but you will feel happier and healthier at the same time.

6. Try Intermittent Fasting

If you haven’t ever heard of it before, intermittent fasting is where you only allow yourself to eat during a certain time period every single day.

Intermittent fasting has many benefits, with feeling more energetic being one of them.

If we constantly put food in our bodies, then our body keeps working at trying to digest it. And hence a lack of energy!

You know that feeling after a massive lunch where you just want to lie on the couch for an hour or two? Well, that’s your body trying to handle all that deliciousness you just shoved in there!

Try fasting, or just limiting how long and how much you eat each and everyday.

7. Get Away From Your Screen

Staring at your screen for hours on end is exhausting on the eyes and the mind!

After an hour or so your eyes definitely start to feel a bit sleepy, and sometimes after a long 10 hour day they might even be sore.

Try stand up and getting away from your screen every hour, at the minimum!


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