7 Crazy Benefits From Being A Daily Coffee Drinker

Coffee Health Benefits

Did you know that coffee health benefits actually exist?? For many of you that’s good news, so keep reading to find out more!

Everyone has their own opinion on whether drinking coffee is good for you or bad for you.

There are many good reasons to drink coffee, and it’s a drink which has been consumed by hundreds of millions of people everyday for centuries.

Coffee Health Benefits

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I have compiled a list of the awesome benefits for all of you coffee lovers, which you can show your coffee hating friends whenever they mention that you drink too much!

Below are 7 crazy benefits of drinking coffee!

#1 Can Lower Depression

According to a Harvard study done on coffee and its effects, women who drank 4 or more cups of coffee a day were 20% less likely to suffer from depression.

Another 10 year study done on 86000 female nurses showed that there was a correlation between coffee drinkers and depression.

#2 Can Assist Weight Loss

Drinking coffee alone is NOT going to help you lose weight.

I know I know, that would be pretty awesome wouldn’t it?

But being a coffee drinker can definitely assist you on your quest for weight loss. Coffee contains caffeine, which is found in almost every single fat-burning supplement found in any health shop.

Studies show that caffeine can boost your metabolism and help burn fat.

#3 Improve Physical Performance

Caffeine not only stimulates your nervous system, but it also increases the adrenaline levels in your bloodstream.

You know that fight or flight feeling when something gets you by surprise?


Therefore it could make sense to have a hot cup of coffee an hour or so before heading for a workout!

#4 Increases Fibre Intake

A cup of hot of coffee contains up to 1.8 grams of fibre of the recommended intake of 20-38 grams.

Fibre is good for keeping your stomach movements healthy.

#5 Contains Well Needed Nutrients

Coffee contains lots of nutrients, such as vitamin B, magnesium and potassium.

It’s also full of antioxidants!

The classic western diet does not include enough antioxidants, so it’s a good idea to get these from your daily coffee.

#6 Lowers Risk Of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease occurs mostly with people over the age of 65 years.

There’s no known cure for it, unfortunately.

However, eating healthy and having a well balanced lifestyle is known to help reduce your chances of ever getting this disease.

And another way, according to studies, is to drink coffee!

Some studies show that coffee drinkers have a smaller chance of ever contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

#7 Reduces Post Workout Pain

A few cups of coffee a day can relieve up to 48% of that post workout pain you generally feel after going to the gym.


Don’t feel bad for pouring yourself a few cups of coffee a day.

The naysayers will tell you how bad it is for you etc, but ignore them and enjoy the world’s best hot beverage!


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