7 Cleaning Graphs For Genius Cleaning Hacks

7 Cleaning Hacks Graphs

Everyone could use a few cleaning hacks. And today I have some really genius ones just for you!

We all dread to constantly have to clean our homes. It can feel like a never ending cycle, and if you are a bit OCD about it like myself, then you are almost ALWAYS cleaning!

But having a clean home is really important, and most people take pride in their lovely house or apartment. So we need to try and make the cleaning process as easy and efficient as possible.

That’s where a few really genius cleaning graphs can come in to save the day.

7 Genius Cleaning Hacks

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Below I found some really amazing and useful infographics that’ll help you when it comes to cleaning your house!

Let us all know what you think of them.

Genius Pots & Pans Cleaning Guide

Pots and pans can be a little tricky to keep sparkling clean. Especially when you cook certain foods that almost always seem to stick to the base! These hacks will really get your pots and pans super clean once again.

Become An Expert In The Laundry Room

A cool chart to better understand the million little symbols we all have on our laundry machines!

The Ultimate Floor Cleaning Guide

Different types of floors require different products to get the best clean. This chart shows just that, so you can make sure your floors are well looked after!

For Those Of You Who Love Green Cleaning

If you want to stay away from the commercial products, then this chart is for you. Make your own cleaners with some basic ingredients. Be sure to still wear cleaning gloves, though!

List Of Natural Cleaning Ingredients with Their Uses

A really useful list of natural cleaning ingredients and their uses.

Get Rid Of Armpit Stains

Oh boy do I hate armpit stains! If my t-shirts aren’t black, then they always seem to have these. Here’s a cool way to get rid of them!

The Ultimate Guide To Mould Removal

Mould is an enemy in our homes, so we need to make sure we keep it away! If you do come across some mould, however, then here’s a great chart to help you remove it safely.


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