6 Of The Best Workout Challenges That’ll Get You In Shape

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6 Of the best workout challenges currently on the internet. These workout challenges can be done at home, and will transform your body!

Workout Challenges

If you search the internet, you’ll come across a few bloggers that have created some really cool and effective workout challenges that anyone can do at home.

These challenges can be a better alternative to just simply doing the same workout day in and day out. Or even having to go to the gym everyday.

They keep things interesting, and you are kept accountable to completing every day’s workouts.

So if you are looking at changing things up a bit and would like to start improving your fitness, then make sure to check out some of these awesome workout challenges below.

6 Best Workout Challenges

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If you have been following this blog, then you’ll know we have a 30 day push up and a 30 day squat challenge which are both really good.

Push ups and squats are two bodyweight exercises which everyone should be perfecting and doing on a regular basis.

Particularly push ups, as they really can increase your upper body strength a lot.

But in this article I wanted to find workout challenges that are also all round workouts, and don’t just focus on one exercise.

If you have’t done so yet, then check out the push up challenge and the squat challenge now!

Workout Challenges You Need To Try

Right, let’s go through these workout challenges.

Feel free to save a few of these and come back to them at a later stage!

8 Exercise Challenge

This challenge below contains so many effective bodyweight exercises.

Exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks and running on the spot are lung busters. And they really do help with your cardio!

6 Weeks No-Gym Home Workout Plan

This challenge below is a weekly challenge which you can repeat every single week.

There’s also a quick cardio section too, so you’ll get in a really good daily workout.

And remember, Sundays are rest days!

2 Week Flat Belly Challenge

Try out this 2 week flat belly challenge today.

The high knees and jumping jacks will be sure to increase your heart rate. If you feel you can do more, then feel free to adjust the reps a little.

28 Days Jump Rope Challenge

I absolutely love jumping rope.

It’s a great skill to learn, it can be done anywhere, and it really works your body!

If you haven’t seen it yet, then make sure to check out my article on why everyone should be jumping rope.

If you are new to jumping rope, then you’ll find the early stages to be super frustrating.

But like anything else in life, with practice it will get better!

Exercise Through The Alphabet

This isn’t a weekly or monthly challenge, but rather an alphabet one!

Do this a few times a week and you’ll be sure to feel fitter and stronger!

30 Day Ab Challenge

Last but not least is this 30 day ab challenge.

The challenge uses only 4 ab exercises, namely planks, side planks, crunches and bicycles.

I really like planks and side planks, as they strengthen your entire core region. Sometimes just doing crunches isn’t good for your back, so it’s good to mix it up.

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