5 Awesome Daily Hacks To Lose Weight

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Losing weight and maintaining a body with which you feel comfortable and happy can seem like a bit of a chore, or somewhat impossible.

If you work full time or have most of your day taken up by something, then you know how difficult it can be.

If, like me, you are a busy person and find it difficult to get the energy and time to go to a gym and workout, then maybe one of these methods could be of use to you!

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5 Ways To Lose Weight In A Normal, Daily Life

These are real simple and maybe obvious ways to incorporate in your normal, everyday life.

If you haven’t tried them before, then give them a go and see how you feel after a few months!

#1: Walk Or Cycle To And From Work

Getting into the walking culture leads to a healthier lifestyle. Thats for sure.

Whilst a lot of countries do have a walking culture, there are still countries such as The USA where the culture is to still drive as much as possible on a daily basis! 

Cycle To Work

Even if your work is 20 or 25 minutes away, cycling or walking to and from work already adds a good amount of exercise to your daily routine without noticing it that much.

And the best part is that you can make that part of your normal, daily routine.

If you manage to do a few training sessions a week on top of that then it’s even better!

I walk to and from work five days a week. 20 Minutes each way. I don’t even notice it that much anymore.

Plus, it’s a great habit to have!

#2: Slowly Change WHAT You Eat

Changing what you eat seems obvious, right?

But by emphasising that you should slowly change what you eat, I mean don’t go from eating burgers and fries to eating raw broccoli and beans.

Thats just insane, and a bit overboard!

Rather go slow and make subtle changes to your diet.

How much would you or your body notice if, instead of eating a plate of fries with your burger twice a week, u started eating three quarters of a plate?

Then a week later half a plate? And so on and so on. Get my drift?!

This way is more sustainable as well, plus results take long to come into play.

Consistency is key.

Small tweaks over a long period of time always beats one massive, short term change. 

Example: What’s better. Brushing your teeth two minutes twice a day everyday of the week or once a week for 3 hours?? You know the answer!

#3: Stop Taking The Elevator – Make Stairs Your Friend

If you live in a building or work in a building, then go and introduce yourself to the staircase and become best friends. They can help you more than you think!

I live on a first floor but work on the 7th floor. On average I walk up and down the full 7 flight of stairs about 3 times a working day.

This adds up, keeps the legs and blood moving and makes you feel good!

Eventually you will be running up in no time!

#4: Slowly Change HOW You Eat

How one eats can be key to losing weight.

By this I mean what times of day and how often. I personally do not believe in the whole 3 big meals a day thing. Unless you are a hard working athlete, you don’t need to wake up and immediately start eating and getting the digestive system going.

Trying things such as intermittent fasting or more smaller meals could help.

Personally, I practice intermittent fasting 5 times a week.

What is this?

I give my body a 16 hour window where I consume zero food.

Sounds difficult, right?

Actually, its not.

If I eat dinner by 8pm then my next meal would be midday the next day. So it’s easier than it sounds!

Check out these posts about intermittent fasting:

#5: Start The Day With A Litre Of Water

Wake up and try and make a habit of drinking a large quantity of water on an empty stomach before having any tea or coffee.

Why do this?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons! Here are a few:

  • It gets your metabolism going. Research shows that drinking water when you wake up can increase your metabolism by 24%!
  • You are dehydrated when you wake up. You haven’t had a sip of liquid for 8 hours, which is a long time!
  • Your brain contains a lot of water, so keeping it hydrated is important.
  • You will eat less. It fills up your stomach a bit, which helps with the previous step of intermittent fasting.

Don’t believe me? Check out this article and decide for yourself!

My Conclusion

Staying in a decent shape really doesn’t have to feel like a constant ass whipping.

Making a few minor, gradual changes can be enough. Get to know your body and start making these changes!

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