5 Tips For Anyone Starting Intermittent Fasting

Inter Fasting Tips

Intermittent fasting (1) is growing ever so much, and seems to be the hot topic amongst health enthusiasts for 2019!

Almost every health and fitness website has something on it relating to fasting, and the benefits which come with it.

With weight loss being the winner by a mile!

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5 Intermittent Fasting Tips

Are you thinking about giving intermittent fasting a go?

Or have you perhaps just started experimenting with it?

Then this article might just help you!

Below are 5 intermittent fasting tips to help you achieve your goals!

Tip #1: Start Off Realistically

Intermittent fasting is all about YOU.

Where YOU are at right now, where YOU want to go and what YOUR end goals are.

Don’t worry too much about other people and comparing yourself to them.

Focus on yourself, and start off slowly. You can’t go from being a normal eater to throwing yourself in the deep end and fasting all day.

Start off in a way which you feel is achievable.

Maybe you can go 12 hours without a meal? Or even 13? Then use that as a start point and slowly increase that time period.

Another thing to remember here is to pick a method of fasting which is realistic to your life.

In this article I mentioned various types of fasting. Pick one which would suit you and your family’s lifestyle.

Tip #2: Eat Clean!

Trust me, I know the feeling of fasting for 16 hours then thinking I can reward myself with a tub of ice cream!

It’s just a waste of time if you are going to put all this effort into fasting and losing weight but end up eating like a pig during your eating period.

Obviously you can allow yourself a few treats. I mean we are human after all, right?

But try your best to stick to a healthy diet within all of this.

The benefits will be so worth it!

Tip #3: Exercise!

Try and stick to your normal workout routine whilst fasting.

This helps you double down.

While fasting correctly will help you lose weight, combining it with a good exercise routine a few times a week will do wonders for you and will help you achieve your goals.

Personally I like to exercise right before I break my fast, so I can enjoy my first bit of food right after a good workout!

Tip #4: Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is one of, if not the best way to get rid of that hungry feeling.

Not only will water keep your cravings at bay, it will also make sure you have enough energy. Especially during the fasting period!

What I like to do is I usually start off my day with at least two glasses of water, and then make sure I am consuming water throughout the day.

More is better than less!

Tip #5: Set Goals & Stay Motivated

Set goals, both large and small.

And most importantly, review these goals every week or so.

Decide what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. What type of fasting you want to do, and how you want to go about it.

These goals could be weight related, or how often you want to be fasting each week etc.

Track your progress, and make sure you eat within your allowed periods.

Remember, intermittent fasting isn’t a one size fits all thing. Structure it to suit your life, and then try your best to be disciplined!


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