5 Travel Tips For Anyone Travelling In Europe & Wanting A Backpacker Job

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If you are planning on spending a few months backpacking through Europe, but at the same time don’t wanna spend too much money, then you should think about doing a few travel jobs along the way.

Europe is a great continent for backpackers, especially through the summer months.

However, it can get a bit pricey, and if you are like one of the many budget travellers around, then you sure as hell would love to be able to cut down on the spending a bit wherever possible.

Working along the way of your travels also has many great benefits! 

It allows you to stay in one location a bit longer, so you can get a real good feel for the city or town and its culture.

It also allows your spending and bank account to have a little bit of a breather, particularly if you are getting paid for your work. 

So below are FIVE jobs which any backpacker can do whilst travelling through Europe.

Work At A Hostel

This is the best way to land a job if you are wanting to base yourself in one location for a bit and meet some people.

Most hostel jobs are on a volunteer basis, meaning you won’t get paid. Rather you will get housing and meals in exchange for your hours worked.

In my experience, the work has always been quite easy, and you aren’t really ever expected to go above and beyond. 

The pro’s of this volunteer work really is the social side. You get to meet tons of people coming and going at the hostel, and you get to become part of a small community.

The best ways to go about getting these jobs are either on volunteer websites such as Workaway or HelpX. Or just ask the hostel staff directly! 

Expect to share dorms with other volunteers, and to not get that much sleep! 

Work At A Chateau In France 

France famously has plenty of chateaus spread out across the country.

Working as a landscaper on a chateau is an awesome experience. I was lucky enough to spend 9 months at a royal chateau in the Fontainebleau Forest region.

Most do pay you a wage, plus offer all meals and accommodation. The meals and accommodation really do help your bank account and budget tremendously! 

Once again, websites like Workaway are a good place to start finding jobs.

Otherwise the chateau’s will often have their own websites on which they post various openings etc. Just give it a Google! 

Work On A Farm

Volunteering as a farm hand in Italy or Spain during summer time is awesome and a lot of fun. 

You can easily find volunteer style jobs at farms, where you get to live on site. You also help the farm in whatever activity they do, be it a fruit and vegetable farm or, if you are lucky, a wine making one! 

The experience itself teaches you a lot, and you can eat the produce directly from the land.

In my past experience, HelpX has been the best way to land these sort of jobs. 

Spend 3 Months At A Language Summer Camp

Is English your first language, or is it a strong second language? Well then you could spend three months working at English language summer camps in Spain and Italy!

Some may require you to hold an English teaching certificate. There are plenty of online courses where you could do them. And it’s not hard!

The great thing is once you get the qualification, you can use it anywhere in the world. 

Check out sites such as Tefl or Esl

Do Bar Work

Bar work is popular during summer months, particularly in the more touristy beach towns.

If you plan on staying in one area for a while and would like some cash in hand job, then walk from bar to bar asking if they are in need of staff.

You never know, you may just land a job somewhere you love and end up spending 6 months there! (Happened to me!)

If you planning on backpacking Europe anytime soon and want to have a bit of a different and fun experience whilst not over spending, then try a few of the above!

I can vouch for each and every method!


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