5 Exercises To Lose Weight Fast Without A Gym

5 exercises no gym

Staying in shape or trying to get your figure to something with which you feel comfortable with is a goal which many of us have.

Sport and exercise has been a large part of my life ever since I was a young child, and I luckily have tried my best to keep this going even as I get a bit older.

The past few years I have managed to stay in decent shape (I hope!) without ever having to go to a real gym, and am proud that I have not paid a cent for any gym membership or personal trainer in the past 7 years!

Get In Shape Without A Gym

So below I have written down the FIVE body weight exercises I do on a very regular basis to keep in good shape. I hope you can put some of them to good use.

The beauty of these exercises is that you can do them anywhere. A park in your neighbourhood, a quiet street or even an empty parking space! I sometimes even do these in my room when I am travelling or when the weather’s horrible.

Jump Rope

Jump rope, or skipping as some may call it, is a great cardio workout for anyone. 20 minutes of this and you will have the heart racing and the sweat will be evident!

Being good at jump rope is a skill in itself, and like many things in life, it takes time and practice. But once you master it, it can be a lot of fun!


The exercise everyone loves to hate! No matter how fit you are, or for how long you have been doing these, burpees have a way of making every single human feel dead on their feet.

They really are the ultimate body weight exercise, with the movements offering a combined upper and lower body workout, combined with some serious cardio.

50 of these a day, combined with the other exercises, will keep you in decent shape!

Body Squats

Done correctly, body squats can work just as well (if not better) than squats with weights.

They don’t just work your legs, but give your core a really good workout as well. Combine this with a few other exercises and you will feel it in your legs the next morning!

Jumping Jacks

Proper old school right? We always see them being done in any old military films, and we often like to think they are pretty useless.

How wrong we are!

Jumping jacks can be a great cardio workout. Doing a few 100 during a workout will do you wonders. You can even do them as a warm up.

I sometimes even do these in my bedroom if the weather’s not good or if I am in a hotel room!


Planks are good for the core, and also for the back. Many chiropractors say it’s way more beneficial for your core and back than the normal crunches or sit ups.

A few 1 minute sets a day will do the trick.

Staying in shape and getting your fitness levels up doesn’t always have to mean spending money and time in the gym. Body weight exercises done at home or in the park can be just as effective. Plus it’s free!

Give them a try, and let me know what you think.

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