5 Easy Ways To Become A Budget Genius

5 Simple Ways To Become A Budgeting Genius

Everyone needs budget tips, and in this article I have compiled 5 really simple budget tips you need to try!

Budgets really can be a bit of a chore, and we often kind of just brush them off and keep going on with our lives.

But if you are looking at ways of changing your financial life for the better and want to see where and how you can cut down on spending, then maybe a few budget tips might just help you!

Budgets can help us save money, look back at our spending and make better financial decisions about the future.

5 Simple Budget Tips

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Below are 5 budget tips to help turn you into a budgeting genius!


1. Love Your Budget

The whole “one size fits all” certainly doesn’t work in the world of budgets!

A budget has to be created and loved according to your exact needs and plans.

In this awesome article found at Believe In A Budget, Choncé speaks highly about a DIY budget, and how it is way better than using a general app.

She has become a budget pro, and now has her online budget course call Love Your Budget.

You set the life you want to live with the amount of money coming in, and then create your budget in a super realistic way.

Have more of a read about this here!

2. Budget To Zero

I just had to add mr Dave Ramsey to this list!

In this article he speaks about 15 practical budgeting tips for daily life. And at the top of his list is budget to zero!

What is budget to zero?

It’s a way of budgeting that by the time the month starts, you have taken every single dollar you expect to make and assigned it somewhere.

Even if you are saving money, you then assign it to a savings account.

The goal is that at the end of the month your income minus expenses equals zero, although you have also saved money!

See the rest of Dave Ramsay’s tips here!

3. Budgeting Myths Are Just Excuses

Rosemarie over at The Busy Budgeter debunks a few myths in this article, and speaks about how it is sooo easy to make excuses for not having a budget!

“Now’s not the right time for our family.”

“We’re already so far in debt, it feels like it doesn’t even matter.”

“I love going out to eat!”

Sound familiar?

Well Rosemarie speaks some truth in saying that there really is NEVER a perfect time to start a budget!

And people are often scared to face their budget and personal finances head one. They just want to kind of sweep it all under the carpet, and hope it sorts itself out.

Budgets should not be a taboo topic in your household. They also can be fun!

Check out these TEN myths debunked by Rosemarie herself here.

4. Pay Yourself

I found a really good article written by the Australian website called finder.com.au.

In this article they list off 10 of their best budgeting tips. And the best one of them all?

Pay yourself!

It’s strange to think that you can and should pay yourself. But it really does help when it comes to budgeting.

Read more about this here!

5. Understand The Goal

According to this article found at Forbes, we really need to try and understand the goal of our budget.

The goal isn’t to track every single penny we spend.

We goal should be for us to be able to control our spending that we can spend less than we make and focus our spending on what matters most to us.

This is so true!

Read the full article here.


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