5 Amazing & Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas

5 Healthy breakfast recipes!!

I am super guilty of often overlooking breakfast completely.

A cup of coffee and a small snack usually does the trick.

However, every now and then it is amazing to treat yourself to some healthy breakfast food!

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

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Today I have put together some of my favourite breakfast foods which my girlfriend and I love to make at home or wherever in the world we are!

Not only are they all super healthy, but they taste AMAZING too!

So without further waiting, here are 5 amazing healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss!

Breakfast #1: No Sugar No Bake Energy Bars

NO sugar energy bar

Find the recipe here at Code2Cook

These are so yummy and easy to make.

Their ingredients are super healthy, and consist of dates, walnuts, almonds, coconuts, and a few more seeds!

Breakfast #2: Gluten Free Breakfast Hash

Healthy breakfast recipe

Find the recipe here at NorthSouthBlonde

If you are after a big, fuelled up breakfast then this recipe is for you!

Filled with energy and protein, this gluten free hash breakfast is perfect to get you going for the day.

Feel free to spice it up however you want!

Breakfast #3: Greek Yoghurt Honey Breakfast Bowl

Healthy breakfast recipe greek yoghurt

Find the recipe here at SixSistersStuff

A hot breakfast isn’t always everyone’s favourite type of food to start the day off with.

This greek yoghurt honey bowl is packed with protein and health and will keep you full all morning!

Breakfast #4: Southwest Avocado Toast

Avo toast healthy breakfast recipe

Find the recipe here at Tornadough Alli

Who doesn’t love avocado, toast and eggs??

I mean, it’s one of the best and easiest meals to make, no matter the time of day!

This one has a small twist to it, and you are guaranteed to love it!

Breakfast #5: Healthy Breakfast Quesadilla

Breakfast healthy recipe

Find the recipe here at Hungry Hobby

One of my favourites is this recipe!

I love quesadillas in general, and this breakfast quesadilla will make you smile from ear to ear!


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