30 Smart Ways To Make Money On The Side Today!

Are you sitting at home and thinking “how could I possibly make money on the side?

Perhaps you want to go on a dream vacation somewhere?

Or you are in need of a serious car upgrade?

Or you just want some cash to store in your emergency fund!

Then this article might just help you!

No matter what you do or how busy you are, I’m sure you could use a little extra cash.

Do You Want To Make Moeny On The Side?

I am always thinking of weird and fun ways which could lead to some extra income.

Yes, some of these ideas may seem like they will NEVER work for you. Or others may just seem too good to be true.

But I am super confident there will be a few which you find useful and achievable!

Having extra cash can help us all so much.

Being able to pay bills on time.

Paying off long, outstanding debts, and being able to treat ourselves and our loved ones to a fun night out.

These things can all be done with a little cash injection!

Right! Let’s get going!

30 Smart Ways To Earn Cash On The Side

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Below are 30 smart ways to earn cash on the side today!

#1 Sell Your Stuff

If you have any unwanted stuff lying around your home, or even at your parents’ home, then why not sell it?

You can literally sell it anywhere.

Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, or have a yard sale and sell your things to wandering neighbours!

#2 Rent Out Your House

You can easily make a bit of extra cash by renting out your house on Airbnb.

I remember when I lived in Paris I had a friend who would rent out her apartment every weekend. She would go and stay at a friend and earn herself $200.

#3 Are You A Photographer? Sell Your Images!

Did you know you can sell your images online? Bloggers like myself sometimes buy images to be used in website or social media posts.

Sites such as Shutterstock allow you to sell your images!

Check it out!

#4 Become A Social Media Manager

Fancy yourself a Facebook, Instagram or any other social media king or queen? Then get paid to do it for someone!

Many businesses out there simply do not have the time or energy to run their own social media platforms, and often will pay for someone to do this.

There are various ways to find jobs as a social media manager. You could start your own website, reach out to potential clients or join platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer.

#5 Be A Blogger!

Have a topic or two or three you feel you could write about day after day?

Then start a blog about it, and find your tribe!

Blogs can be profitable long term. You just need to NEVER give up!

#6 Start Amazon FBA

Starting an Amazon FBA business is ideal if you don’t want to ever hold physical inventory.

It allows you to basically sell goods directly from suppliers to customers.

See this article for more information!

#7 Start A Website That’s Strictly An Amazon Affiliate

Start a website where you review products thoroughly and become an Amazon affiliate.

This way you could make commissions from referrals to Amazon!

#8 Become An Uber Driver

Own a car?

Have some free time?

Then sign up to become a driver for Uber!

#9 Manage Rental Properties On Facebook

I have a friend who has started managing rental properties and posting them on various rental Facebook groups.

Often estate agents don’t want to deal with hundreds of people asking about available rooms, prices etc. So you can do the dirty work, send the decent leads to the agents and get paid per lead!

#10 Do Gigs For Neighbours

Have a skill which neighbours will pay you for?

Maybe you are an expert DIYer, or are handy in the garden. Either way, ask around if anyone needs some home maintenance!

#11 Take Surveys

Now these won’t make you super rich any time soon, but they will add a few Dollars in your pocket!

Check out sites like Swagbucks, American Consumer Opinion and Inbox Dollars.

#12 Test Websites

Some big companies often pay people to test their newly created websites in order to see how people navigate through it.

Check out this post which contains a list of websites to get you started!

#13 Test Video Games

Are you a lover of video games? Then test newly released ones and get paid!

There are numerous ways to find gigs, and the biggest bonus is that it’s fun as hell!

#14 Become A Freelance Writer

Fancy yourself a decent writer? Do you put together sentences with ease?

Then maybe you can make it as a professional freelance writer!

All you need really is the ability to write compelling stuff, and discover a way to get your name out there!

See this post which talks about the three ways to becoming a freelance writer.

#15 Become A Proofreader!

What is proofreading you may ask?

Well, you basically get paid by big time blogs and websites to read over their content before it goes out for the world to see. You find errors, and make a note of them!

#16 Save Money On Groceries

Stop overspending on groceries!

This is a good way to cut down on spending and have more cash to spend on other things.

#17 Budget Better!

Do you have a working budget for you and your family?

If not, then I suggest you start one!

It’s easy, fun and really works wonders for your personal finances.

Become a budget genius today!

#18 Good At One Social Media Platform? Create A Business!

I know quite a few people who have turned their social media skills into full on businesses.

You basically get paid to run social media accounts for companies.

Often small to medium sized companies don’t have the staff or time to focus on their social media, so you can help them out and get paid!

#19 Sell Old Phones & Laptops

There are websites such as Swappa which allow you to get rid of old laptops and smart phones in return for some cash!

#20 Sell Your Recycling

Get paid for all that recycling you have at your house!

Check to see if your town or city has a recycling center where you could dispose of it in return for some cash.

#21 Sell Unwanted Clothes & Furniture

If you have accumulated too much over the years, then get rid of it!

Post on social media or join community forums and put your stuff out there for sale.

There is always someone in need of a cheap second hand sofa!

#22 Take Part In Medical Studies!

A lot of countries offer this in return for cash!

You basically take part in any type of medical study, they do tests on you and then you get paid. These range from one day tests to ones lasting a few weeks.

I know it sounds horrid, but the money is real good!

#23 Write An EBook

Think you have a crazy interesting story stuck in your brain that the world would love? Then get writing!

You never know, it might just take off and become a hard copy bestseller!

#24 Are You An Accountant? Do People’s Books Online & Become A Virtual Bookkeeper!

Work from home bookkeepers exist, and they make good money.

Check out this article for more details!

#25 Love Animals? Become A Pet Sitter!

Did I mean babysitting?

Nope, pet sitting!

This is a real thing, and if you love animals and can take good care of them, then you could jump into this market and make some money!

Click here to see more!

#26 Are You A Teacher? Check These Extra Side Hustles!

And at number 26 are 26 ways to can make extra cash as a teacher!

Make sure to check these out, and give them a go!

#27 Have Unused Baby Gear? Rent It Out!!

Baby gear is expensive, and after a few years it has zero use to you!

Instead of throwing it in the trash, you can rent it out.

Check out this market place which helps you buy and sell used baby gear!

#28 Are You An Amazon Shopper? Now You Can Make Money!

Did you know you can get cash back in the form of gift cards whilst shopping at Amazon?

This article explains exactly how you can do this!

#29 Love Weddings? Crash Them! ( Kinda )

Who doesn’t love an open bar and some cheesy music?

Well if you are a fan of weddings, then why not get ordained and turn weddings into a weekend gig?

It’s possible, and people do it!

#30 Get Money Back On Groceries

Use a program like Ibotta and get cash back on groceries.


I hope this list helps you out and you manage to make a few extra bucks!


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30 Ways to make money

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